Hello! Hope everyone is having a great day, as I am running very late, will try to be as brief as possible, here are a few (a bit more than usual as we missed a few days) of the most amazing pages we found in the galleries!

Starting with one awesome artist, Cinderella with Explore. This girl can do magic, all her pages are artful, be that on a full on way or a more towards the minimalist, she always has an impact, and here she does something so amazing…! Love Valeria’s papers, they are so amazing that sometimes I feel like it would be a shame to cover it… but Cindy here found the most amazing way to showcase it, the photo is gorgeous, the chosen elements perfectly in sync and the whole page is, indeed, standing out in the gallery from far!!!

Another fabulous creative, also well known with us, is Ferdy with Hello!. Love the way in which she took the template and gave texture and dimension to the butterfly, making the photo still be a star in the page, with an elegance on embellishing that is delightful! Love when templates with shapes as main focus are made into a gem like this!!!

Another superb creation, also centering the page on a shape or element, is Film Festival by shunnstergil. Love her ability to scrap many photos in such a fun way, if you know me, you know I am an element hoarder, and here the use of so many, in such an elegant way, is beyond amazing! Perfect clusters, gorgeously reflecting the subject, fabulous memory keeping! (I may need to lift you on this one!!!)

I’m always delighted to find the representation of Pride in the galleries, being the Love is Love or centering on family love, the pages usually get my heart all the way and this one, Be Proud by xboxmom,  is such a delight! The gorgeous light and color effect on the background makes the blank space marvelous, the photo editing, the fabulous way in which the paints are the base for it, the embellishing is perfection, I love when scatters are used in such beautiful way, and the vintage tag, a superb addition on it’s own, here with her editing adding to it, most definitely an awesome creation all together.

Next is Rainbows by alinalove. I only noticed her (if I am not mistaken) last year… but once you have seen one page…you know she will always come up with stunning ones, and this one is such a wonderful creation, from the photo editing to the absolute perfection of her layering, the shadows and the beauty of the word art, everything is shinning!

A masterful show of stunning memory keeping in this one, Go See Do by kim517.  Marvelous take on the template, makes me (almost) wanna go in play with the snow (I’m usually a summer lover!) The whole thing is perfect: the clusters including themed elements, the way the shadows enhance and make it gain dimension and take the eye all over the page, the word strips and big tittle…all together makes my heart sing!

Next is Simple Pleasures by lizziet5, one of us here at the blog and one I don’t often find in the galleries, despite her being one of my most amazing inspirational scrappers! so delighted to have found this, the feeling of the page is fun, light and, making the title honor, a pleasure! Gorgeous elements, perfection in the layering, love the fun way in which the pictures are put together (and with gorgeous people!), those shadows that elevate the whole thing…. definitely making my heart sing louder!

This is The Only Way is Up by pmjames. I’m so fascinated with her whole gallery always, and this is a master class in photo editing to perfection! Starting by the super cute model (I am quiet sure is a family photo), love the way in which brushes and blending modes work magic by her talented hand…if you use Photoshop, she has the steps she took in the page description….it is in times like this that I wish I had the brain and patience to learn PS and not let it run me to tears! Absolutely, pure awesome!

Another more than awesome show of photo editing to make it into a work of art, is magnolia with Sunset Beach. The texture (I reckon on the blending with the paper) makes it feel like a fabulous oil painting, the way light is created, not sure if coming from the photo or by paints and brushes, but either way is delightful, the clusters that are a master piece, this is stunning!!! I am here sure is her own photo, as she clarifies on the page description. I have nothing against stock photo, I use them sometimes, usually for art journal, but when the page made into a master piece is based on our images, I feel is sharing part of our history… and can’t help but loving it a bit more!

Following on the beach and summer feeling, I found another couple of pages that make the memory keeping and masterful scrapping into the most gorgeous pieces. This one is Myrtle Beach 1979 by Purple71. Love the photo with that 70s feel, full of light coming from one corner, the take on the template is so beautiful, a gorgeous papers choice, those added seagulls and the marvelous cluster, all together a total delight!

This other one is Beach by robinsismai,  so delighted to find a page of hers after so long, and a super gorgeous one!!! LOVE the take on the template, I love scrapping big photos, it is a task I am trying to go back to, and this one (and the smaller ones too!) are so full of fun, perfectly put together to make the whole page make you smile from ear to ear. Love the clusters , the chosen themed elements superbly placed, and here is another one of those vintage tags, gorgeous. The shadows enhance it and I can’t but feel happier with that humor on the left bottom corner!!! Awesome!

Last but not (even in the slightest way NOT!!!) least, is one of the most amazing, prolific and talented scrappers we have in the industry :  bcgal00 with Butterfly Kisses. Love the photo repetition (with her gorgeous model!) the combo of color with black & white version makes the page have a beautiful light, made even more amazing by her composition, the mixture of different textures, there are stamps, brushes and more corporeal elements put together masterfully, al in a soft, beyond beautiful way… pure awesome!

This will be all from me today, hope you got inspired by these awesome creations as much as I do!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great rest of the week!


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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for showcasing my page Cynthia! I’m absolutely thrilled to appear here amongst all the other amazing artists… you’ve totally made my week!

  2. Wow thank you so much for choosing my layout as a standout this week! Always makes my heart happy! Thank you thank you! ❤️?

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