Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible, I know some countries are going back to what probably will be the “new normal”, because seeing the way this virus is wrecking some parts of the world still I don’t think it will ever be back  to what it was….  I heard yesterday that one of my best friends of 50 years, a life time of memories together, married to a best friend that became a sister beyond words and had a son, we met often despite being in extreme places in the globe, passed away a couple of days ago with COVID19… the reality in the UK (where I am now) is not very good, but the devastating effect on Brazil and Argentina is breaking our hearts… anyway, to balance my heart with a lot of happy and beauty… I went for a stroll in the galleries  and here I am to share with you all these brilliant pages!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Gonna start with Violetas by Ferdy, a gorgeous take on an equally gorgeous template, the amazing way in which the background paper gives a jump start for the composition, the beautifully placed elements, gorgeous shadows and spectacular layering…. all together perfection!

Next is  Mother by LivyBug, a master class in embellishment, color management and, here again,  a take on a marvelous template (which in my humble opinion, not everyone can make them look as brilliant as this) There is so much in here that makes the page a standout, even looking at the credits list makes this amazing, plus the beauty of the Mom & Daughter amazing relationship which can be felt through those smiles _yes, I know, some may say I’m a  bit biased_ but if you have been around as long as I have, chances are you also love these two as much as I do….!!! Still, the page is brilliant in it’s own right, by the hand of the daughter, who inherited the mum’s fabulous talent (she is the designer who created the template, in case you still haven’t had the pleasure to know about them!) Awesome all the way!

This one is 1987 -O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though, Romeo by Iowan. This is such a superb twist on the pocket style, the combination of different textures, all of them perfectly fitting in the page (another thing not so easy to achieve!) the perfection of the “movement” that gives the eye a going around the whole page , that artsy feel together with the beautiful elegance of Carol’s pages, plus the awesome coherence of the photos theme with the way the page was put together….wonderfully inspiring as always!

Now, I have so much in my head that I would love to say, trying to find the way to not go on for hours (which I could!)  about this:  All You Can Do by Scrap-Therapy. The page is one of those that, beyond the visual beauty, brings together the fact that scrap-booking is, without doubt to me, a form of art, and goes further, for so many of us being a main tool for pain relief, processing emotions and a lot more, with the added bonus that, by sharing the pages, we get to make some big time friendships through the journey.  I was surprised when I click to look closer, I would have never guessed it was Emily’s page, usually an explosion of color, she is one of the most amazing, happy, upbeat memory keepers…. maybe because of that, this gained an even greater magnitude : Is powerful, intense, and in a way makes me happy, because I know exactly the feeling of which she talks about…how liberating it can be to put it down on the page (journaled or not) and have all the energy to move on, making the negative become positive in this art form, is a blessing 🙂

Next is The Story of Today by Rubia Padilha. I am so so very glad to see this, first thing that comes to mind: that smiling face, the playful fun with selfies that tells me she is doing well despite her (our!) side of the world isn’t… and then all this fabulous pieces put together to give a framing for those smiles! The newspaper print is one of my top 5 patterns to use, and here it goes beyond with creativity mixing text with stamps, scribbles and bits of washi tape, then the paper strips layered under the photos (and so brilliantly shadowed!!)  Another favorite of mine, those magazine cut words, the beautiful way in which the colors fit and the happy tone keeps getting happier, that little cluster on the right that connects with the yellow paint in contrast with the black…. (plus the fact that she is the designer who created every piece -which means I ll be shopping today LOL) …most definitely stands out!!!

Another one of my most amazing sources of inspiration, justpattyanne with Be Strong.  As usual with her,  a wonderful mixing of textures and different designers becomes one in harmony, the out of this world layering , the gorgeous elements chosen, the punch that those rays have with the perfection of her shadows, the grungy page border….love it that the photo (gorgeous!) is still  the star of the page… I could be here for another 3 hours, love this so so much!!!!

A couple more pages… again on the line of scrapbooking making us happier, is  This Happy Place by pmjames.  I have a huge admiration for this kind of artist…being able to manipulate pieces and editing to turn photos into the most amazing painting is something that requires a LOT of talent…and here is at it’s best!!!! The blending is superb, those pieces incorporated with perfection into the background to give different dimensions, the addition of the journaling and a piece of text fading away in the background… absolutely LOVE the title work, the mixture of different alphas with font is full of fun!!!

Entering fantasy land in the most amazing, cheerful way is Dotti Pops and Mop Tops by Anja_77. LOVE that little doll! well, both “little dolls!” the one in the photo is also amazingly beautiful and I’m in love with the girl’s hair color too! (have been coloring my hair for 40 years and still haven’t got that shade of red! not even on Instagram filters it comes out that beautiful! LOL) Now seriously, the photo, the girl is beautiful and the use of the doll makes so much sense, the blue shades are peaceful and the reds and splashes of green make that happy feeling… as if this all wasn’t enough, the shadows are beyond this world marvelous!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed and get inspired, we have another post coming later, please remember, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!






4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 4th –

  1. Hahahaha Cy!! Thank you! It was, definitely, a good moment between so many not so nice moments in the last year (and few months).
    Thank you, girl, for picking up my page. ❤

  2. Oh… Cynthia, I’m just so grateful for all you said and that you choose this layout.
    Believe it or not, I even think to delete it because I found that it was not going with my gallery’s spirit and then I thought it was how life goes on (with marvelous things and awfuls things) unfortunately) and I didn’t know how to describe what I feel with this layout and you just did it so well!
    I really think that in addition to being a talented scrapbooker and a true artist, you have a real gift for seeing behind the layouts and deeply understanding what we are trying to express. You see people better than anyone, I’m pretty sure you have a life gift.
    I feel really honored you pick my layout and being among all these magnificent pages and these talented ladies!:)
    Thank you so much Cynthia, it means so much for me, I’m truly grateful!<3

  3. O Cynthia, O Cynthia, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day. Your kind words warm my heart. I’m thrilled. Thanks so much as congrats to all.

    The old photos are from my daughter’s 1987 high school performance in Romeo and Juliet.

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