Happy Saturday everyone. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Minnesota and we had a particularly enjoyable day. We took advantage of the nice weather and drove “up north” for a couple hour outdoor visit on the deck with my inlaws who have happily been vaccinated. We have not seen them for months and months. It felt good seeing them – even from a distance – knowing they’re vaccinated and that we were safe visiting outdoors. The vaccine news has been so promising lately … it feels like in time we will eventually be able to get back to a new normal. I can’t wait! Until then we’ll just remain patient. So … another fun thing for me today … choosing gallery standouts for you! 🙂

Inner Ballerina by Grasshopper | This page popped out at me immediately.It is so very striking with the black background and the gold brushwork butterflies and the lovely title. The page is sheer perfection!

March Knitting – Numbered List Challenge by Laura O’Donnell | What a fun page and fun hobby! i love the bright colors and the notebook paper. Laura’s photos are great and so colorful! I like the way the days of the week paper in the background pairs with the calendar and the numbered list. Fun!

Trust Yourself by caapmun | WOW! How very striking. I love the blending of the large photo. It’s like she’s looking into your soul. I love her brushwork over the photo and the way the colors in the papers on the left blend with the colors in her skin tone and the blues in the flower clusters pop but don’t overwhelm the page. What an incredible page!

Marais de Poitevin by Mielz | I love love love this page. The photos are so very peaceful and look beautiful masked to the painted shapes. I like the stitching she placed beneath the photos and the way she’s got the heart brads placed on the stitching. I also love the boat element that pairs with the boat in the top photo. What a lovely, lovely, peaceful page!

Edith by Stacey Jewell Stahl | Another absolutely WOW page. The photo is gorgeous and oh so dreamy. I love the watercolor flowers painted atop and the way the paper is angled and the words brushed onto the photo. I also like the little dimensional cluster off to the side. This is absolutely a beautiful piece of art!

In Their Hands by Karina H | Awww … how lovely. Look at those little baby feet. I miss babies … with the whole world in front of them. So much love! I love the way she’s got the words along the circle and the way they blend into the tan paper beneath. I love the muted colors of the entire. What a beautiful page!

I hope you enjoyed the pages I selected for you today and that they’ve inspired you to go out and scrap your memories! Enjoy your day!


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