In golf, as in life, it is the follow through that makes the difference. – Theodor Geisel

I was struggling with a layout recently. I had a great idea, I could see it in my mind. It would be fun and light-hearted with good balance and color. The clusters would go together perfectly and the paper layers would look effortless. Not what happened. I worked and re-worked the page until I was 10 strokes over par. (If you don’t golf, just know, that’s not good.) My page never did come together successfully, but that’s okay. I’ll birdie my next layout!

These 6 artists had perfect follow-through and “hole in one” gallery stand-out pages…

Anticipation by caliten

Let’s tee off with this beautiful page! The artist’s use of the different wordarts is rivaled only be her brilliant stamping. I love the funky stitching and the torn photo. Fabulous!


Greyson Turns One by FormbyGirl

Straight down the fairway with my next pick! Love the vertical photo arrangement and the simple paper layers. Her clusters are lovely. Notice how she included the “1” on the banner, so creative. Great template adaption, terrific page!


Music Trivia by cmkb396

This artist has an eye for mixing pattern papers! Notice the subtle blending of the woodgrain paper. Love the use of the fun round frames. The sticker elements tucked into her clusters are right on par, beautiful page!

Summer by CharlotteM

Lets swing over to my next pick and check out the skillful shadowing! This page really pops out at you in the galleries. I love the tiny stamps she used to highlight her ever so creative title, Magical Summer Jungle, love it!


Spring Walk by jennschultz

The wandering green ivy is such a splendid accent in this bright gallery stand-out. The blended paper edging is so pretty and I love the buttons along the journal card. Easy tap in for par!


Happiness by alinalove

This artist doesn’t need to use a mulligan for this gorgeous page! The colors are incredible and the background paints and stamps are perfection! I love the thick wood frame balanced with the doily cluster on the other side. Beautiful element choices!


I hope you enjoyed that quick round of stand-out pages. Stop by and leave these talented (and all your favorite) artists a little love today! Now I’m off to the 19th hole for a little refreshment.

Jenny (AmaneseFe)

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