Good evening, friends!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  A little Irish toast for you…

There are good ships

And wood ships,

Ships that sail the sea.

But the best ships

Are friendships

And may they

Always be!

On that note… let’s get to the goodies!

Beautiful Spring by MartinaR

This is a beautiful layout featuring lovely clustering, stellar shadowing, and gorgeous use of negative space.  The pretty pastels layered onto the white background creates such a feminine and peaceful feel.  Those sweet stamps in the background frame the clusters so creatively.  As I look at this layout, I’m in absolute awe.  Just a gorgeous piece of art.

Just for You by Veer

This is a show stopper!  That large photo in the background with the beautiful vanilla black and white action is absolutely spot on!  The use of the frames for the title is ingenious…  Such a creative way to use the space and add interest.  The white on white frame just shy of the twelve by twelve is another touch of interest and depth.  Of course, the flower clusters and shadowing is spot on… and I love the beautiful soft color palette with that photo.  Bravo!

Early Bird by Bahtoy

Look at that sweet baby!  This is an adorable way to document that sweet little yawn.  The elements and word arts could not be better matched.  I love the vertical movement of the layout, and that awesome double scallop border that adds balance to the white space on the page.  The little clusters are wonderfully created, and it’s obvious the details are lovingly thought out.  This warms my heart!

Today Was a Good Day by MishSpar

I love the monotone blues in this layout.  There’s such an easy and peaceful vibe going on here.  The circle photo, along with the circle ribbon, is a perfect design choice.  The use of the ribbons to help break up the page, along with the different backgrounds adds perfect interest.  It’s easy for the eye to take in every lovely detail.  The simplicity is stunning!

2005DaCapoSaturdays by MrsPeel

Here’s another large photo background that makes my soul leap with joy!  This picture though!  You can FEEL the sass, the joy, and the happiness of the day…  The layers coming in from the sides are so fun and the colors match the happiness of the page.  The title could not be more perfect…  This page has some major vibes!

Tiny Miracles by mimisgirl

I adore the organic feel of this page.  That photo is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen.  I love the design choices here…  the organic plants and leaves, the messy stitches, and the lovely little ephemera behind the photo all come together for a beautifully cohesive effect.  A lovely layout, indeed!

As always, these picks are just a small sample of the yummy inspiration in the galleries.  As artists, it’s good for our souls and our creativity, to gaze at all the lovely pieces of art we create as a community.  Please don’t forget to leave the love… stay creative, stay safe, stay joyful.

Heidi Nicole


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