Hello lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here on this beautiful November 12th!  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to fall and the colors here are really starting to burst out.  We expect them to be in full bloom by this weekend.

This is not an easy job!  There’s SO much talent out there and SO many galleries to check out!  The art I encounter just blows me away!  I hope you enjoy the pages I chose for today’s Gallery Standouts.

November Mask by Grace

The masking on Grace’s layout is fantastic!  I adore all of the flowers, leaves and feathers that she used on the headdress!  Just wonderful!

Minneapolis by dwsewbiz

I simply LOVE the graphic look of this page!  The subtle coloration of the buildings, as well as their slight leanings complete the wow factor for me!

Take A Child By The Hand by Dady

This photograph is so poignant and almost brought tears to my eyes.  I can remember walking on the beach with my little ones, so thanks for the memories!

Autumn In The Turks by Charitywoods72

I’m a template gal, so naturally, I love this page!  The pictures are great, as are all of the different patterned papers and elements!

November Decorate A Face Challenge by lididee

I have a confession to make.  I have loved Steampunk since I first laid eyes on it!  How totally cool is this page?

First Dance by Nana_VG

Since I’m a sucker for romance AND cowboy hats, this is my final choice for today!  How romantic is this?????

Thanks for “tuning in” and I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today!  Be sure to go and leave some love for these talented artists.


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