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Welcome to the weekend!

I spent today at a crop (I am also a cardmaker) hence the later hour of my post today. It was fun and I got to meet a bunch of new people, which is always nice when you have relocated.

Ana Santos – Merry Xmas

So if this doesn’t just SCREAM Christmas at you, then I don’t know what will! I am absolutely head over heels in love with the creativity here. The look on the girl’s face is priceless and I love that the cluster next to her, feels like the branch of a Christmas tree, stacked with goodies. The blending is amazing! I mean the whole thing is just amazing and I can’t stop looking at it or trying to touch that cluster!

Immaculeah – Little Lovely

This is possibly the most infectious smile ever! I am smiling from ear to ear as I type. Not only are the photos stunning, but the page is tone-on-tone perfection! I am totally here for tone-on-tone, it always makes me think of the rows of tone-on-tone papers in a craft store! I love the clusters at each corner, anchoring the imagery and the fact that even the paint is carefully coordinated. And don’t get me started on the pattern mixing – subtle patterns leading up to the bolder patterns underneath the photos. STUNNING work!

Iwentkie – Paradise Lake

I love that the photo is the hero of this page. Every element and paper just leads you to the stunning photo. I am a big fan of a mini-cluster, I started with these when I was super nervous about creating clusters and they are so impactful and perfect for a small amount of detail. The paper layers are lovely and subtle and that unusual paint/shape is perfect here.

AMarie Charp – Warm & Cozy

Just like our very own Cynthia (MrsPeel), I love a template and this is such a fabulous template and so wonderfully used by AnneMarie. The soft colours mixed with some bold colours are so lovely, obviously, I am swooning over the pattern mixing, I love that bold rose print one just peeking out. The star and dot scatters are a really nice touch and lead you from the photo down to the small bottom cluster. Such an elegant page.

Keepscrappin – Merry

I am loving all these pages that I am seeing, as the community gets ready for December Daily. The photo makes me very happy! And I love the use of tape here, so creative. The clusters are perfect for a December page and I really like the fact that she has used a limited colour palette, it makes the black panel and the photo pop even more.

clucaswvu04 – Flower

If your Dog is called Flower I think a flower print background is 100% called for! I love that Cheryl used such a vibrant fun background paper, it would appear to be completely suited to Flower’s personality! The flowing flower-filled cluster and the wonderful title work just complete it all for me. I think the ‘I Ruff You’ flair is just perfect!

Thanks for looking, I hope these gorgeous pages inspire you to leave love and visit the galleries. I am off to bore Hubby to tears by showing him all the things I made today, one at a time LOL.

Kisses, see you soon.

Claire x

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  1. What a fun surprise to see my page featured here with all the other wonderful scrappers’ pages! Thanks for the GSO!

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