Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. Many of you know, I lost the computer where I had my scrapping program, which is no longer made, so now waiting to have money or enough brain cells to be able to scrap again… in the mean time, keep getting inspiration and joy by admitting all of your beauties…so here are some of the most beautiful creations I found from yesterday’s gallery (maybe one from last week too!)

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

I am actually going to start with a page from the very last day of October, called Random-October 2021- Go Away Anxiety by RJMJ. No secret I am a huge admirer of Rhonda’s talent, she has a gift for filling the page and translating emotions into it, and lately is showing us how she can shine in any style she takes on, this page a great example…  The brilliancy of making shadows stand out on a black background, the beauty of the composition that turns a very ugly subject into an amazing art piece, the delicate embellishment with a pop of color and the accent making the word strips be an important part of the whole thing….absolutely wonderful (in that ironic way of making anxiety be a wonderful thing!)

Another superbly talented lady,  Christa, cfile with Thanksgiving 2011, bringing us into the spirit of the season with a marvellous, elegant page as she always does! Love the muted green being a focus for the eye leading to the photo, a gorgeous capture of those moments we treasure after they are gone, the fabulous blending of the patterns, gorgeous cluster in the bottom and the perfection of the elements holding the photo with the overlapped frame… the addition of the spilled beads in such a perfect way (I never get them right!) standing out as always!

And another one of our super inspiring creatives in the industry, this wonderful page, Bangkok by weaslwatchr, is a feast of joy wherever you look at! The awesome, impressive credits list, blending (many!) different designers in one gorgeous palette, the take on the template that adds from Danica’s creativity making it very much hers, fabulous layering with gorgeous shadows, love the alpha for the title that gives dimension (with those awesome shadows again!) and the addition of the words on a line path in the bottom, delightfully makes my heart sing!!!!

Continuing on the beauty of the season’s palette, I am full of happy finding this, Color Burst by Connie Miles. I had not come across a page of hers in ages, this one being a treasure everywhere I look! Love big photo pages, and this one is such a delight, so wonderful to make our girls shine, and here it is literal, the light is perfection and Connie’s talent with the base of the template is a creative highlight. Love the stacked papers, the way the clusters become part of the pattern, the big tittle…everything in that harmonious way, joyful !

More of the nature’s beauty brought into the page, still on the fabulous fall, but with a burst of blue shining on the perfect take on the template, another “idol” of mine: Stormchaser with Autumn Magic, and magic she definitely adds to every page! The photos are full of happy, the smiles add light to the whole thing, love the very big title, the way she breaks symmetry without really breaking it with those awesome clusters, the multitude of textures blending perfectly, plus the journaling that shows as much joy as the whole page does…memory keeping at it’s best always!

Also on a seasonal tone, but with an absolutely fabulous, not your usual palette for Halloween (which makes me love it even more!), is Treats by Angels. I had not seen the use of pink in Halloween kits for a long time so this makes my heart sing. Her creativity adds to the already great mutliphoto template, I’m not entirely sure but I think the photos are hers, remind me of my times as a Halloween mum doing the face painting, love the treatment in the smaller ones, the impact the black and muted whites in them have with the elements, the simple title with those beautiful shadows making it stand out, combination of cards with pieces of word art, there is so much perfection in the embellishing, my heart sings loudly!!!

I have to add one more page, because this cannot go un-noticed…. it is our very own Claire Grantham, with Hello Sunshine, a page which, as she does, is an explosion of color and happiness, fun and sweetness. If you know me, you know clouds are my most favorite element, and the perfection of these is beyond words! Love how she makes her personality come through the page with her always shining smile, the background burst is delightful, the way the clusters are put together, the marvellous shadows everywhere….  pure awesome!!!

Hope you enjoy and get inspired with these beauties as much as I do!  Have a great weekend (and don’t forget to spare a minute to click on the name of the page and author to leave a word or two!!!




7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 5th –

    1. I was thinking last week to go find you manually…and then I come across this page and my heart was dancing!!!!!! <3 glad to be able to give at least a little bit of happy, the way our world is right now!!!! 🙂

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! It really made my day. There are so many beautiful layouts I feel so honored when when of mine gets featured. Thank you again.

    1. My dear girl, you are a master class on memory keeping with talent & elegance at it’;s best!!! plus you have the most beautiful family…..Sarita (DD) every time we came across your pages says you guys look like coming out of a classy glossy magazine!!!!! <3

  2. Oh Cynthia! I just came for a catch-up and saw this!!! How lovely thank you and to be in such talented company too!! Cx

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