Kari here, long time no see. I have been missing in action. A lot of busy things happening in my life. It is peak season at the photo studio in which I work. And a few weeks ago I was shocked by electricity while trying to change out some equipement at work! So my left hand has been “asleep” and basically out of use! I am waiting on an EMG from the hospital to see if their is nerve damage and until than my hand has been all braced up and basically useless, which really sucks because I am left handed! (sigh).


Today’s first pick is that of

We are Twins by Zotova

I love the colors of her design here and how she split the page into two. And flipped the image. Almost like a mirror. So well done.


Licking the Bowl by bkasko

Is my second pick of the night. How cute are these little ones? and come on who doesn’t love chocolate? I love her cluster work here and that title work is just amazing!

Right now We love by tanyiadeskins

Is my third pick of the night. I am so in love with this unique design! I LOVE how she used the tags. It just jumped right out at me in the gallery. It is on my future scrap-lift list that is for sure!


Flower Dream By Beth

Is my final pick tonight. I love the soft pastels and that super adorable photo she chose to highlight. Such amazing floral clusters as well.


Good night everyone until next time.


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