Hello, everyone out there in digi-land!! I hope all is well! I just got back from a really quick turn around trip to my hometown for my husband’s God daughter’s wedding, and I’m still a bit road worn, but I had to get into the digi pages and pick some fun ones to share with you. As always, the pages are linked and you can either click the name of the page or the page itself! Take some time to give them love if you have a moment. It really makes people’s day to see people taking time to do that. I know I float high for the day when I get sweet comments!!!!

First up – the artsy and always eclectic gallery of Katie Pertiet Designs!

All the Colors of Autumn by Mielz

I was very surprised by this wonderful page! I have the hardest time using banners, and Mielz used them as the main focus of the layout!!! I love the safety pins, the layers, and the cute butterflies flying out of the page. The soft, muted, almost neutral palette just makes me want to look deeply into the page and see what other goodies I could find!!!!

And now we turn the corner to PickleBerry Pop and find some more goodies!

Never Leave by RollinChen

This year, for the first time, I understood about Dia de los Muertos, so I guess I’m drawn to pages that are celebrating it. This is such a wonderful way to show just what it is: celebrating life, both those who are gone, and those who remain here on earth. This page is perfectly titled, and the photo is amazing! I love the journaling explaining what it is, and the paint on the background and the sugar skull is just perfect.

GingerScraps is the next stop on our tour!

Scaredy Night by Zanthia

Who can resist Halloween AND doggies??? Not me!   Zanthia picked the most adorable photo of her dogs! Three little barking ghosts! I love the angles, and the cute pumpkin pile surrounded by the pretty foliage. The cute little ghosts floating up the page are a perfect topping to the “Boo”tiful page!

Next up: The Sweet Shoppe!

Not a Friend by MamaB

This page is SO beautifully shadowed, element-ed, and well documented. I absolutely HAD to read the journaling. My daughter is going through some of the same things, so it was quite heartbreaking to read of another good kid’s pain. Great advice from a Mama who loves her boy, and a wonderful way to chronicle some of the “not so good” days. MamaB is a master at shadowing!

Two more to go! This one comes from The Lily Pad – my home away from home in the digital world!  We need to find some art journal-y goodness for this post!

Trust Your Inner Instinct by mcurtt

Oh Lordy, is this page wonderful or what?? I absolutely could not pass this one up!! The bird heads, the human bodies…I just can’t!!! I love the way she used washi tape as a walking surface, and all the little details in the back of the Mallard man. A+ number 1 art journaling page!! Marilyn – you hit this one out of the creative park!!!!

As all good things do – our time together is up for the week. After this last one, I will bid you au revoir!

Our last goodie is from OScraps.

You are not Forgotten by lkdavis

What an absolutely touching and beautiful tribute to what sounds like an amazing woman. I love how she used a plain background and just added a few neutral leaves and gesso/paint sections to create texture in the background, and then used the word YOU boldly. The splash of gold and red are just perfect to complement the ribbon. The journaling is perfectly placed on the page.

And now…we reach the end of our travels for this day. I hope you enjoyed the pages, and again, leave them some love if you have the time!!

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