It’s Happy October Time.  Hope everyone has recovered from DSD weekend.  As I was walking through the galleries  and the (stores), I saw all kinds of fabulousness present.  Games and fun were to be had everywhere.  Now it’s time for a little bit of slower pace, so as I leisurely scrolled through the galleries, here’s some eye candy I found for ya!  


tcon by Marnel

I LOVE the composition of the layout.  Using the question mark as it’s own large and in charge element is so creative. The grungy background paper with the black and white photos and those amazing clusters–all make this layout a stunner.

Sweet September by livybug

Here’s some more grungy goodness for you.  Liv is fabulous with all her layering and it’s always like a treasure hunt when I look at her layouts.  I’m always trying to see how many separate elements I can find and love seeing how she uses them.  Besides all the layering goodness…. I love the blending of the background and how it appears to be a blended extension of the photo (which it could be & if it is, it is done so superbly that one cannot tell).

Do You Know by Belis2mi

I found this layout very powerful. The softness and subtlety of the blending, make the lyrics just jump of the page and make them a focal point.  Yet, all the directional signs encourage and remind you to refocus on the words.  

Hello Fall by Ernie88

Normally when one thinks of fall, the glorious vibrant colors is what comes to mind.  This artist shows  us that fall is equally as beautiful in its subdued jewel tones.  Absolutely adore this black and white photo of this beautiful little girl and I love how the photo is accentuated with the softness of the paints and the cluster.

Halloween Ball by MrsDudds

Have you ever wondered what and a clean and bold layout looks like?  Look no further.  These hexagons make a bold statement further enhanced by that solid white background.  Everything in this layout just jumps off the background and the minimal use of elements are just the perfect touch to accent this awesome layout design.

A Bootiful Night by EllenT

How awesome is this?  I love that this layout is monochromatic with those pops of orange.  The use of the orange draws your attention to that fabulous bootiful photo.  All the blending and layering is phenomenal.


I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have moment, swing by and leave some love for these fabulous artists.

See ya around the gallery.



Esther (mywisecrafts)

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