Hello again!!!! As you can see, I’m still running late, life is a bit chaotic for most of us, but didn’t want to let it without a post for yesterday, but will (try at least!) be as brief as possible!

Spooky Witch by weaselwatchr makes me wanna go scrap Halloween again and again! As usual, Danica wows us with her prolific, wonderful creativity in every page, and here she gives a master class on patterns combination, amazing take on the template, shadows so clean cut, the whole page is brilliant, fun and fabulous!!!

Oct2021_RandomChall_lbw by sharonb is a marvel. As I keep saying, the gift of being able to transform the bad and the ugly events or just simply the feeling of not being ok into a beautiful composition full of emotion makes this get to my heart. Love the card centre piece, the addition of pop of color still muted, the amount of bits and pieces all coming together, sharing the is ok not be ok is present here beautifully.

Next is Sleeping Forest by cinderella, another one of those absolute creators, now shinning in her designs as much as she has always been with her pages, everything I come across from Cindy opens a new universe! Impressive blend and masking, amazing texture galore and the play light and dark makes it into an impressive piece!!!

The full feel of the season with Friends by Yvonne55, another super take on patterns combo, template take so elegant despite the almost full page, gorgeous choices in the combination of textures too, I’m in love with that alpha and the beauty of the clusters, everything full of a happy feeling coming from that photo and it feels like the product she used here was created for it!!! Gorgeous all over!!!!

Fear None by HeatherB… I’m thinking where to start, I can be here for hours, probably days praising this! ¬†Heather has been one of my major inspirational people now for over 10 years, and coming across a full photo page, beautifully surrounded by her choices that make the photo shine even more, perfection! The colors used work in harmony with the photo, great balance so both, the image and the pieces around it don’t take attention from one another….awesome as always!!!! (and it makes me wish I had boys to scrap like her, seeing these boys growing up is one of my most treasured memories!)

As you may have noticed, I love full on pages with a passion… when done with the talent shining here, even more so! The Best Day Ever by Stormchaser has the mark of her skills, the beauty of her family, the feel of, precisely, best day ever! beautiful shadows, amazing big title….pure awesome!!!!

A superb period softness here in jmdt-sweet-photo-web by JanisT, the blending of the photo into the background, the paint, brush work, subtle composed title, the fabulous shadows with the framed image and the little cluster holding it to the page, love that she flipped the photo in the background, the impact is amazing overall here!

Last but not least at all is Wine Time by Norma. I am so, so delighted coming across a page of hers! She was already a brilliant artist 10 or 11 years ago, and still keeps amazing with gorgeous creativity! Super elegant composition, love the photo blend, the texture of the background paper working perfectly with the stamps, the corners’ clusters beautifully giving a wonderful seasonal feel….absolute delight all over!

This is all from me today, Jan will be with you later with more awesomeness from the galleries, hope you enjoyed these and feel as inspired as us here in the team get by sharing them!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Thank you Cynthia for choosing my page to showcase alongside these other amazing pages. It is a real honour!!

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