Hello everyone, I’m back after a couple of months away from the computer, as usual overwhelmed with the vast amount of talent displayed in every style and theme in the galleries. I will try being brief, as I’m including a few more pages than usual. Hope you find inspiration and emotion in these gorgeous creations as much as I do.

Starting with The Day that Turned the World Upside-down by norton94. I have millions of words in mind, but quiet sure we need none here to come together in one intense feeling. Here is one perfect example of the power of our art (or craft, if you prefer): The gift to turn bad, ugly or, like here, horrible and devastating events into a beautiful art piece.  Amazing impact, gorgeous composition with the simple detail of the upside down paired with the seamless blending and the delicate additions for embellishing, plus a beautiful composed title work to complete. Painful excellence.

Continuing on the perfection in translating this month’s feelings is JenEm with September. A simple title for a not so simple creation, marvellous blank space lending elegance to the beautiful intensity of the photo, edited to perfection and making an impact, the awesome layering, those hidden stitches with shadows that give dimension…every little detail coming together here. Marvellous.

Moving on to a fun and colourful creation is EllenT with Enjoy the Now. Love Ellen’s gift to bring so much into the page whilst still keeping a perfectly clean composition, the take on the template is wonderful, the addition of that central cluster, fabulous patterns combination, the composition of the card with bits and pieces fitting together, everything so beautiful and, to make it even more joyful, the touch of humour with the “cartooned” photo adding cuteness!

Another one of my most favourite ladies, is Farwen with rjguest-sigkit1-unpacked. As she does, here we find an artful pocket composition full of perfect combinations, gorgeous photos placed genially with the cards to give movement to the page. The minimalist style shines with the addition of delicate embellishing…all together happy feelings. Awesome as always!

Keeping my heart happy in fantasy world is CaroRen with I’m Late. I’m in awe of the talent displayed here, lots of elements (my heart keeps singing!) amazingly composed into a blank space style that makes the most of that background paper (I have to confess I love them but rarely achieve this results!) everything here is dynamic, the shadows are so beautiful and that photo makes the whole page go into cute overdose, which I had been craving! Standout indeed!

Next one is Free Spirit by Scrap-Therapy. One of my most loved techniques is the power of extractions, which Emily brilliantly uses here, perfect in each and every one of them, and then combining all together for a sequence that makes me almost hear the music…! As if the extractions weren’t enough, there is blending too! There is so much detail, great to discover items like that half hidden frame, love the color synchronicity, the flowers clusters and the bits and pieces added, I could be here for days loving every bit of the page!

Once again amazed by the talent and creativity from timounette in this page she calls birds. I still remember the first out of this world creative technique I saw from her and this was in 2013, never mind how long ago, she keeps amazing us and shining in the galleries.  The black background softened by the paint and some addition of text fading away, gorgeous simplicity!

Next is Summer Friends by taxed4ever.  The photo is gorgeous, the journaling supported with paper strips word arts, the alpha beads for the title, there is wonderful layering with paint and doodles, I think some stitches too, even the font of choice is amazing!!! One of the things I appreciate the most in other scrappers is the sharing of the feelings and events that maybe not so clear through the page or even the journaling… love it when there is further explanation in the page description! For those of us who document our family and everyday life, sometimes knowing even a tiny bit more makes the page even more fabulous. So thank you for sharing a bit more about this!

More summer feelings and the documenting of the human race making history in the pandemic are here made into a fun, creative page : Starship by mmbstaley. Love the creation of light into the page with the cutouts, the colourful, super cute elements with the fun of glittering, the fun alpha used for the title work,  even the journaling creates movement with the typed part following the cutouts almost as a ray of light, then the paper strips… to add to the whole visual thing, if you are like we in our family…. you will be wanting one of these starships! ohhhh yes, we are so lazy sometimes! LOL (not sure how I will be able to get Niki Minaj out of my mind now!)

Finally (last but never ever least!) is AmaneseFe with Love Birds. Jenny is another treasured talent we have in this industry, with the power to shine in every style, she does so here with this perfection on every little bit! The big photo amazingly blended with the background, I’m not sure but I think there maybe another paper in the bottom layer giving the page a subtle frame, the repetition of the photo, this time zoomed in to give us a close up and the gorgeous embellishing, the title work with both alpha and font being so in sync with the whole thing, fabulous clusters everywhere, the master class in patterns combination with the bits of paper both sides…. the whole page makes you want to be there! Pure Awesome!

This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration, fun and an injection of energy with these!

Remember you can get to the original gallery post by clicking in the highlighted title and authors, please spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know it can make a huge difference in our day! Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 10th-

  1. Very surprised to see my layout here with all of these beautiful pages. Thank you so much, Cynthia.
    Congrats to all the other artists who are featured here as well. <3

    1. oh my dear, dear girl, you should not be surprised…. many more love you and your creativity, super well deserved feature!!!!!! Huggzzzz

  2. Awww Cynthia! First so happy you are back, I just discover your comment on my gallery and that you feature my layout and I just can’t believe it!
    THANK YOU so much!!! I feel really honored you choose my layout amoung all those marvelous and talented scrappers and I’m so grateful. I miss words but I’m just over the moon, you makes my day (well night right now:p).
    Thank you again, you always have the words that just touch the heart! I’m touch you saw all the details that I was happy to play with and you see all! This is amazing for me!<3
    Hugs to you and again so happy to see you back!<3

  3. Thanks for the shoutout on my page Cynthia! definitely one of the ones I was questioning as I was making it, but I had to go with it in the end for some reason.

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