Hi everyone!

I had a bit of a break as Hubby and I have relocated from NYC to Tampa!! We are settling into our new home (finally) and honestly permanently being in shorts is making me constantly happy!

Let’s jump straight in..

Thuria – L & Pumba

This just leapt out at me!! I love everything about it. The treatment of the photos and how they are cascading across the centre of the page creating this wonderful focal point. There is even a little scrap of paper snuck in amongst the photos!! The anchoring cluster is just so clever, beautiful, and functional all at once. Finally, the colour palette is so soft, it just allows the fab photo(s) to shine.

Gonewiththewind – I Heart You

Ok, so I am a BIG fan of Cheryl’s templates and her layouts always make me gasp with delight. I just LOVE the layering here and how it is essentially monochrome with red highlights. The use of multiple labels to hold the small amount of journaling is a lovely idea. The shadow work on the heart is just so perfect! I am a fan of big titles and the one here a fantastic use of alphas, especially as it keeps to the monochrome theme.

Sylvia – Inspired Creative

Sylvia’s work is just so impactful. And honestly, this leapt out at me because if I could be bothered to be a hair girl, this is what my hair would look like! I love the simple background, with the explosion of colour and elements underneath the photo. I love how the colour palette tones perfectly with the photo and the whole page feels alive with movement.

Lidia G – Mantra

This is a spectacular piece of digital art journaling. The shadow work is so good, I had to check where I was and make sure it was digital! I love the positive affirmations added to the large pinwheel, so good! I really love the shabby chic feel and the background has so much detail but doesn’t overpower the mantra.

ChristyHC – Pumpkin Photo

I’m such an engineer at heart! I LOVE clean lines and this is just such a great way to use all the rectangles! The Pumpkin picture is awesome, look at all the joy in their faces, it is making me smile so much. Perfect colour palette for the photo and I love all the leaf and pumpkin elements scattered and clustered. So clean and fun all at once.

Carmel Munro – Good Friends

I just love the photo here and the clean background. All the paint, stamps, brushes just under the photo anchor the flowers and foilage perfectly. I like the fact that tonally it all works together so well and the simple wordstrip for a title is a really nice, elegant touch.

Thanks for joining me this time, please show these talented scrappers some love and take some time to browse through the galleries. I’ll be spending the weekend celebrating my birthday (it’s the 28th) and I have 2 days off to recover hahaha. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


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