Hello everyone!! I hope all is well on this fine Labor Day here in the United States! I plan on a nice steak and potato dinner this weekend! I live in the desert, so I am one of the people who are happy to see the summer fade into fall!

Without further ado – let’s get to the pages!!!!

Ellen T Golden Season

I got that special chill that only fall/winter brings when I saw this page. It’s like Lorelai Gilmore smelling snow…

Sometimes when there are numerous elements, the photo gets lost, but not here. The shape of the tree, the fabulous shadowing, the piles are all superbly placed. Her color sense is also very good – the teal and the mustardy green are perfect contrasts of each other!

Kayleigh Happy Days

I was just pulled into this page hard!!! How inventive is this??!!! I love the way she separated each adorable photo by the colors and made a big rainbow out of her page! There are so many visually interesting elements that you can spend a lot of time viewing this one! I think the stacking of the elements along a color way is perfect! The topper is the swaths of paint behind each color.

Galactic Scrappinnewbie

Ok, so sorry. I can never pass up anything “Star Wars”, and an entire page of Storm Troopers was too much for me! Keeping the one photo large helps to know what’s going on in the smaller pictures, and the juxtaposition of the Bad A$$ Troopers having flowers around them is just too perfect!

Explore ScrappyMara

Oh, to explore our world is such an amazing thing! My family was planning to go to Arches this summer, but the road was washed out and we couldn’t get there. Oh well…we’re going to try for next Spring.  Mara did so well choosing those amazing orange, green, and browns to complement her amazing picture of desert blooms and rock formations! The Huge lettering (and the adorable pair of hiking boots hidden in it) for the title is also perfect to use complementary patterned backgrounds. Finally – I love the inked edges. They were really big in the early 2000’s and I love that they are coming back.

Feel the Moments Jirsev

This page is achingly beautiful! The pictures are an absolute treasure, and the flowers are just amazing. I think they’re heather? I like how the title is hidden within the flowers and the sentiment is so very true! I think my favorite part of the elements is how they highlight, but don’t overtake the photo, and the hidden paint and text under the cluster gives the background a beautiful texture.

Past, Present, Future Justagirl

I have always loved then and now pages, but this one is phenomenal!  The paintwork behind all the pictures is wonderful enough, but then add those adorable pictures, and the paper piles that separate the photos and you’ve got yourself an award-winning page!!! I loved her journaling, and I think she should print this out and frame it on the wall. Hurrah!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it! Another day of amazing pages!!! Enjoy, and see you soon!!


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