It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go! All across the USA the weather has cooled.  Some have had a dash of snow (or more).  Most are gearing up for Thanksgiving next week…and in the galleries we are even seeing signs of Christmas!  It is a marvelous time of year!  Many color palettes are toned down and neutral like the grasses in Hiddenartist’s Sweater Weather.  But we also get a wide variety of topics and layouts, including the sprinkle of Christmas inspired layouts!

It was such a joy perusing the galleries this evening.  Many are sharing what they are thankful for, and I found quite a few layouts that made me chuckle.  Here is to the magic of this very special season!

Always by Roxana

Oh boy! This is gorgeous! In a clean and simple styled layout, each element must be expertly placed and aligned.  Otherwise, the layout does not deliver the visual punch and effectiveness.  In Always, Roxana delivers!  The little hand drawn hearts, the star, the Oh Boy tag, the paint splatters – everything is perfectly placed to create a visually stunning layout!  Bravo, Roxana!

These Strange Days by Dalis

Dalis is one of my scrappy crushes!  She has an amazing and creative art journal style that results in unique and original layouts.  In These Strange Days, Dalis combines paper strips with awesome journaling.  I don’t care to catch COVID, but I don’t mind catching myself grinning from ear to ear as those smiles are contagious!  Wonderful layout, Dalis!  Your use of paper and your shadows are awesome.

Sweater Weather by Hiddenartist

Wow!  Super big fan of the large photo format combined with spectacular blending.  Add in some wonderful clusters, soft shadows and the handwritten font – we have a Gallery Standout!  Gosh, I love fall grasses – those photos make me want to put on a jacket and go for a walk.  You’ve made such a beautiful layout, Hiddenartist.

Do You Believe – Elf On the Shelf by Lori Ann

Okay, so, I giggled when I saw this layout in the galleries…that mischievous little Elf.  But then I read Lori Ann’s journaling about the layout, and I felt a little sad.  When a child stops believing in Santa, a bit of magic is gone from the world. Well, Lori Ann, your layout is a little of bit magic.  And it made this gal chuckle!  So, I think the balance of magic in the universe is okay.  I’ll just have to watch the Polar Express tonight to relive the magic of Christmas and Santa.  I believe!!

Give Thanks by Miki

Gosh, what heartfelt journaling.  Yes, we age and our bodies change.  But each day on this beautiful Earth is a gift.  And to see traces of our grandparents in ourselves, that is a gift too.  Miki, your layout is as beautiful as it is touching.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art and reminding us that time is a gift.

Humbug by Maggie Mae

Uhh – I giggled out loud again.  Maggie Mae may be ba-humbug; this layout is not!  I love the torn paper and how adding the sticker trees to that very spot makes the paper looks like hills. And of course, I love that photo!  Maggie Mae makes quite the Christmas Elf!

It is never too early for the Christmas Spirit, in my book! Of course, I am also the gal that keeps her tree up all year long.  I don’t have ornaments on it – but I love the lights!   All around the World, I hope we are full of joy, thankfulness, and feel the magic of the Season!

If you can, please leave a little love and magic in the galleries.  Titles are hyperlinked for convenience.


Lisa (aka Armygrl)

3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 18th

  1. Oh Lisa thank you so much, yes it has been alittle sad that Reesa (granddaughter) no longer believe but don’t worry Mommy and Nana (me) will keep the magic going anyway and she will be smiling. Thank you again !!

    Lori Ann

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