Hello my friends!! Are you sipping on green beer and chowing down on pastrami? Kissing the Blarney Stone? St. Patrick’s Day is a big day in my family as we are 50% Irish, and my mom’s name was Patricia, and she always celebrated it as her Saint day! In honor of St. Patty’s Day, I am choosing all my layouts with TWO criteria: gorgeous artistic layouts, and Predominantly the color GREEN!! As I was browsing through, I noticed that green is not actually a very popular color to use besides foliage and grass!

So, here we go down that green road…

First up: Veer “Love Saves the World”

First of all, the picture in the middle just drew me in. I wanted to know the conversation going on! I like that she used a white stroke around it to make it stand out, and used white flowers to tie in the color scheme. I love the texture that the different layers of paint and text make, and the added brown makes a wonderful contrast and color palette.

Let’s follow the bag pipes around the Loch and see what’s at the next pub:

It’s  CoriK’s “This is Love” 

The verdant pastures of green matches the beautiful box of succulents that Cori has in her wonderful page “This is Love”. I really felt the love reading her journaling about her husband knowing her so well and bringing this plant home to her. So Sweet!! I like the way she used the paint in the corner and below the photo, and used a mask so that it all blended beautifully. I love the teeny attention to detail with the small hearts in the mask.

Oh wow – I think I saw the Loch Ness monster! No wait – Nessie is in Scotland. What was that???  Let’s run around the Loch and see what we can find on the other side!! It’s a pub and they’re serving

wvsandy’s “Irish Kisses and Shamrock Wishes”!!

YUMMY! I’m tasting that corned beef!!! I love the beautifully presented food, and the fun alpha she used for her title! What a fun way to commemorate a fun holiday! I like the use of the bottle caps too! Erin Go Bragh!

Hey girls – RUN! I see that darned leprechaun, and he’s holding the pot of gold!! Let’s get him!!! But first – let’s look at

Marnel’s “Lucky” 

What a colorful and full of interest page!! The huge lettering is perfectly filled with an amazing background paper! I love the little shamrocks all around and the sweet pictures of her family. And look – we found the pot of gold on her page!!!!!!

Right next door to the pub is a small little art exhibit! Let’s go see what we can find!

Nibylandia-11 “Fresh as Spring Time”

I’m paused in front of the display of this cute little lassie in green! The pictures are so sweet, and I really am pulled into the photos by the green and gold ray background. The cluster is absolutely amazing and shadowed so realistically. I love the bird cage and the fact that the bird is on it and not in it. The paint splashes and text for texture is the perfect denouement for this lovely page!

We’re getting to that time of getting back on the ferry to take us home to the other side of the Loch. We have just one more beauty to share!

Dalis “Soar”

I was pulled in by the simple “Finding my voice” journaling. This art journaling type page really tugged at my heart.  I am working through the same issues. My voice has been silenced for too long, and I’m ready to be me! But – this is about Dalis – sorry! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sketch of the face and those butterflies flying from her mouth. The paint hair and the sweet flowers make a wonderful crown for her.

And now, my friends, we must bid each other adieu.  I hope you enjoyed your Irish jaunt with me! See you around the boards!!

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