It’s Spring!! Is it looking like it in your part of the world? Here in the desert we usually start Spring with wind storms and rain and we are having wicked wind storms right now. Up to 75mph gusts!! We just stay inside and not drive unless we have to. It’s an eerie sight to see just sand in the air and nothing else. I usually can see the strip from our house,  but not right now!

Anyways, I am here to bring some sunshine into your day and showcase a few pages that really caught my eye. Usually I have a theme, but today I don’t think I do. They’re all a bit different. Also, If you have a moment or two, give these artists a bit of love. Both the photo and the title are linked to the site they are from!

 Elegance by Bright Eyes

I absolutely adore the quote she used on this elegant page! The sweet butterflies all around the photo just bring your eyes to that fabulous photo. I love that she made a photo frame, yet made her subject be out of and in front of the frame. That is such a powerful effect! Her tasteful flowers and background choices make this one elegant page indeed!!

Elvina’s World by jholden15

Talk about a page that just JUMPS out at you in the gallery!! This beauty by Jana is simply amazing! I love the artsy grungy feel of the entire page and her blending is superb! The butterflies (ooh, I see a pattern. I think I’m obsessed!) frame her main character beautifully and the intricate blended background is a perfect base for her subject!

These Moments by Kayleigh

This page is just amazing! It is so full of delicious layers that you really have to take time, stop, and look at every piece she chose to highlight. I adore the way she used different color paints in the background and every piece on that color is the same color, creating a beautiful colorful palette of goodness!!! The measuring tape holds it all together. There is so much to look at, and I think my favorite color stripe is the blue one: lace, flowers, stamps, paint…just a masterpiece!!!

Elegant by Sylvia

I saw this gorgeous beauty and had to see what she was all about. I think it was a challenge somewhere because it’s the same subject and quote – but each of them went their own ways. I love the old fashioned elegance of her cartoon model, and the fact that she kept her in black and white. The strip of text behind her is perfect and standing on the ink spots is a great idea. But, then she adds that magnificent tiny cluster of color – and oh oops – another butterfly!! The stars are a perfect final touch!

On the Road Again by Mother Bear

This bright cheery road trip page is so full of fun things to look at!! The Volkswagen van is iconic for the open road, and I love that she kept the photo so big!  The cute little cluster on the bottom is a great title cluster and the butterfly with the hearts around it is such a perfect accoutrement. All the fun works art and those fabulous French fries round out this perfectly adorable and fun traveling page!

“In the Waves” by Peppapig

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s…Oh sorry. Not a pirate. However, this sea captain is amazing! I love the checkerboard overlay on his jacket and those lovely houndstooth pants! The sun and the circle of paint behind him just brings him more into focus, and the painted waves and cute little boat are perfect. The quote is really meaningful, and I just adore the crow on top of his head!!! Oh yeah – are those two butterflies around him??

So, my friends, I guess I had a theme after all: butterflies!! But we all know that if you’ve read my posts before! Enjoy your week, and for those of you who celebrate Easter, have a blessed Holy Week and an amazing Easter Day!!

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