G’day everyone, hope festivities were/are being celebrated with family and friends in the best way possible, a Happy Easter, Chag Sameag, Ramadan Mubarak! I spent the whole of last week with a migraine which took me away from the screens, ended up in a productive week around the house, but I was missing the galleries so I’m so glad to be able to post tonight! As always, there is so much so amazing, I’m left with the feeling of needing to do a few more posts just for the past 24 hours….so lets get to the inspiration!

This is Bloom & Grow by JenEm, one of my original Queens of Elegance who keeps amazing us with her superb creativity, in this case, not just that elegance in the most amazing minimalist way that was calling me from the thumbnail, but getting closer makes the heart warmer, apart from the gorgeous, neat shadows and the movement given to that ribbon that follows the circles serving the base for the marvellous photo, but a wonderful message to take and treasure. If you add the impressive credits’ list….the result is absolute marvel all together.

On the Road Again by cfile is another fabulous creation…she is one who makes me work hard to decide which of the pages posted in the day to share with you!  Love how well the black and white works here, the choices bring the already beautiful template to life with some wonderful additions in embellishing, specially love the bottom corner stamps with amazing top shadows that bring an even more realistic look, the flair with the crown on the journaling card, all over elegance as she always does!!!

Another marvellous piece from an equally marvellous creative, zinzilah with 220224_truth. Love her blending of the photo, those water droplets add depth and make the image capture even stronger, the way those words are melted into the whole page, then the diverse textures with the bottom words and the felt hearts, all together “painting the picture” of our world’s reality, and here again it happens, that way of ours with scrapping, turning horrendous events into beautiful art pieces… she most certainly does it.

Next  we have Girl in Green by armygrl , and with this girl I find myself short of words….which is a LOT to say as I can talk for the world, but she keeps creating and inspiring in so many different ways, no matter what style she goes for, this is the result, awesome pieces we could hang on our walls. Love mainly how she portrays herself in many of her pages, so the external beauty pairs with her awesome creativity and brings us the most amazing pieces like this one here : the amazing work in the background creating fabulous light and depth and at the same time the fantasy land with the top hat and the snake, the solitary bee and the globe….what an amazing way of honouring Earth Day!

Another super fabulous lady, EmStafrace (you may know her as the talent that creates The Nifty Pixel) with Life in Full Bloom. There is something that goes beyond the beauty of the page (which is immense!) Visually the composition is perfection, the layering and the most perfect shadows, the almost hidden brads and the scatters so beautifully placed, the whole thing is, indeed, life in full bloom, but the thing beyond this visual composition…those smiles that seem to get more intense no matter in which order you look at them….the heart of the wonderful warrior of life she is…it comes through and makes my day, my week, month…. see, here again, short of words…!

Another wonderful lady and once again, the beauty of being able to transform difficult times into a super beautiful piece of memory keeping, Scrap-Therapy with the page she calls Grippe, which is the way most Latin languages call a serious cold, which can be terrifying not just for the kids but, this I know first hand as this family is one of those blessings the pandemic brought to our lives, for mum too, in the times of Covid even more so. I am a collector of medical kits, and always looking for inspiration for my own pages about health issues, when I find full on ones my heart sings!  love the way she does it here, the many elements so beautifully clustered, others scattered  and the colors giving contrast with the smaller black and white photos, love the big title with the heart lines running across, the word strips another beautiful addition, another difficult time transformed into a gorgeous piece to look back in time in years to come!

I’m gonna include a couple more pages because I just could not let them go… this one from one of the most amazing Art Journalers we have in the industry, whom is lately proving she can do a lot more, mastering every style she takes on, is RJMJ with Feels Like Spring. And yes, as she always does, makes us feel like spring! Love the play with the frames, the gorgeous way in which she manages color in every page is especially vibrant here, those clusters, the gorgeous shadows, and there is a quality to Rhonda’s pages that makes us sisters souls…we both love to share either the story behind, or what goes on through our minds that ends up making the page…. another one whose soul comes through and through filling the page with beauty and heart!!!!

Last but absolutely not least, another sister soul who shines in any style, bcgal00 with The Last Stroll. Love how in most of her pages, Rae gets to recreate the feel of the paper page, lots of bits and pieces layered here with stunning shadows, love the way she composed so clean on a pattern background (I find this incredibly difficult!)  the combination of some neutral colors with splashes of blue and red, love those cards and, of course, the photo that gives us a glimpse of their new life….looking forward for more to come, as always, she is one of my main inspirational people!

This is all from me today, hope you all have the best weekend (only to be bettered by the next!) and also that you get as inspired as we do with all these marvellous artists…

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!










8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 22nd-

  1. Oh wow .. thank you so much Cynthia for chosing my page along with all these other beautiful pages and artists! I am beyond thrilled! Thank you again!

    1. you are a shining star, my friend, I loved the coffee one too, and the green based ones weren’t moved last night, but I could cover the whole post only with your pages!!!!!! Hugggzzzz

  2. Ohhhh I’m so surprised to see my page here’s! Thank you so much for choosing it and I feel so honored to be among all these talented scrappers! Wow! It also helps me to see some beauties because I didn’t check the gallery since a long time too so Thank you for this too ma chérie!:)
    I love ALL you said and it touched me so much when I discover this, it really makes my day (and maybe give me power to scrap another one lol).
    I just saw you did some amazing beauties too and I have to check it better!:D
    Bisous bisous <3

    1. ahhh ma cherie!!!! tu sais que j’adore les scraps que tu faits (je ne sais pas comment dire properly en Français MDR, on se parle!!!! Bisous bisous!!!!

  3. Cynthia, you really know how to make me feel special! Thank you for the GSO, and for your kind words. They mean so very much to me. Congrats to all the other artists who are featured in this post. Much love xo

  4. Cynthia you’re an absolute sweetie, thank you for picking mine and your lovely words of encouragement. Congrats to the other ladies too all amazing creators xox

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