Konnichiwa from Tokyo. Hope you are having a nice weekend as I am. I had fun with friends today and then went straight to Odaiba with my family. I always love Sakura in Japan. It got colder again so we all had ramen for dinner. Yum! Anyway, have a great weekend everyone! This is Beth, a.k.a kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous pages.

Here are my top pages for today.

Can’t Forget this Day by marijke
This is a masterpiece as always! Love her work and the effect she made on the page. I will definitely give this a try one of these days. Couldn’t stop my admiration for this page. She could hang this on her wall as a painting. The elements she added blends perfectly. Great job and truly deserving to be mentioned here.

The Great Outdoorr by Dady
Fabulous composition/page. I adore how everything is placed beautifully, from the sepia photo down to all the details and elements she put on the page. The background paper is fantastic, not sure if this was mixed with other papers but the result is gorgeous and so is the photo. Well deserved to be included here.

Creative life by Shannamay
This page makes me happy, makes me remember all the Play Doh days with my kids. Beautiful ripped vintage photo that goes nicely with the paints and torn element. So little elements but says it all with the extracted photo that looks so nice. Another pat on the back.

New Beginning by carolwenxin
So pure of energy! Adorable lil one and beautiful clustering. Love all the details and the kit is just perfect. Love the saying here and it goes like “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Love is about creating yourself. Beginnings are always exciting and scary at the same time but it gives us hope to always be a better person everyday. Another amazing job.

Some Days are… by RJMJ
Couldn’t stop looking at this gorgeous page. I’m in awe with all the details she created, so vibrant, so unique and how she expressed her feelings artistically. Great blending and composition in every way! Truly deserving to be here.

Set yourself free by chigirl

Fabulous freestyle design. Love all the circles, mix of papers and all the flairs she added which made the page shine. The quote is very inspiring and love the color of her hair that matches the background paper. The scribbles and brushworks really set the page and truly deserved to be here.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top six for today. It would be amazing to give them some well deserved love in the digiland/galleries.

Beth <3

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