April showers bring May flowers!  In the Northern hemisphere, early Spring has spung!  After a cold, dreary winter it is nice to see a smattering of pastel and bright colors popping up in my yard and neighborhood parks.  Apparently, I am not the only flower lover.  The galleries are in BLOOM!

Polinator by CathQuillScrap

Come on in for a closer look.  You’ll find a worker bee busy collecting pollen from one of my favorite flowers, the Passion Flower.  Awesome crop on the photo!

Your smile… by KarenK

The photo treatment is spectacular, but this Spring beauty’s smile steals the show.  I love the flower cluster in her hair, too.

Flowers by KayTeaPea

The color combination here is superb!  The newsprint paper wonderfully offsets the yellow and green paints.  And those stickers – it seems like I could reach in and pluck them off the page.  The homemade bouquet for prom is beautifully arranged and perfect for this lovely young miss.

OOB-pop-up-hole-in-one-with-edges by Mary-Lynne

What a fun out-of-bounds photo edit!  And that lawn of green – so gorgeous.

Mobile-Wallp-Challenge-April22-web by BlueWave

I LOVE digital art and the magic one can create using this medium.  The rhythm, balance, and circular designs are gorgeous!  As are the color palette, lighting, and spring flowers (I especially like the purple tulips).

Hello world by Saar

Sara is an amazing scrapbook artist; I’ve been following her for some time.  She is such a sweet person in the galleries too.   Although Finn is not quite a spring baby (born a few days before the Spring Equinox), I reserve my last spot for the evening for Finn.  Welcome to the world indeed you beautiful baby boy!

To my fellow Northerners, I hope the sprinkling of warmer weather and bloom of flowers has lifted your hearts and spirits.  And to my Southern friends, you too are entering a beautiful time of year – fall.  Stay cozy and warm and enjoy your fall foliage.

Take care my beauties and may peace be with you.


Lisa (Armygrl)

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