Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. Hubby and I are hitting the beach for a little staycation. The galleries are fun right now, with everyone documenting their travels, it’s probably the first time since Covid arrived that we have all moved around so freely!

armygrl – My Space

I know Lisa is one of the GSO crew and I try not to shout us out, BUT sometimes, you just cannot pass up a page! The title work here is AMAZING. I love her shadow work and all the little ellies added to the title. For me, the title panel, feels like a curtain, like it is part of the room that is shown. Just wonderful work as always by Lisa.

Sucali – A Mother’s Love

This is so beautiful. I love how elegant it is. The newsprint paper on top of the wood background is such a nice touch, it should feel busy, but it really doesn’t. I love her shadow work and the limited amount of colour that draws the eye to the stunning photo.

Jak – Just Eat The Cake

As a person that is not allowed the cake 99.9% of the time, I totally loved the message here. The cluster around the photo and under it is wonderful, so full of colour and extra little ellies tucked in. Again, another wonderful example of amazing shadow work. I love how the papers have been blended to give a clean bottom half, so the cluster and the words can shine.

zakirahzakaria – Prayers for my Baby

The wonderful cluster caught my eye and then it all just made my heart melt. What a wonderful keepsake for her. I loved the prayer and the idea of something so very personal being shared. The cluster and stacked layers around the photo are stunning and I really love the brushwork used on the page, to tie it all together. Gorgeous.

Ferdy – Beach

This is just so fun, I love the bright colours and the different elements used. The flow of the page, the happy photo and the colours just convey the joy Ferdy clearly feels about being at the beach (I echo this). Wonderful shadows and I really like the splatter that feels like it is holding all the pieces together.

helenedubois – Family

Another page where I feel like the joy of the moment is radiating out of the photo. Such a pretty page, I really like the little pops of pink and that all the interest is not just in the area around the photo, but spread out over the page. The torn / blended layers are great and this feels like it could be a physical art journal page.

That is all for me today, I hope you enjoyed my picks and will show these talented scrappers some love. See you in a couple of weeks, have a wonderful weekend and keep scrapping.




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  1. Oooooh…I am late…just saw that I got a GSO for my layout! Thank you so much Claire – you made my day!!!

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