Happy Sunday!!! So today is both a very important and sad day for me. My middle son turns 16 and I’m so proud of the young man he’s become …. but I’m super sad that I don’t get to spend it celebrating with him because COVID finally caught up with me. I’m on day 5 of symptoms and per my rapid test am still very infectious, sigh. I’m thankful my symptoms have thus far been mild and that no one else in my household has tested positive, but it’s very isolating and lonely. 

nv by marnel

Missing You by caapmum

Seriously [Not] by RJMJ

Seaside Charm by Chaos Lounge

Trees Twilight by ksacry

you by lovely1m

Please leave these amazing artists some love by following their pages to the galleries by clicking on the hyperlinked page titles. I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend and week to come!

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

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