Happy August 1st!  It’s also “Manic Monday” – who remembers that song?  I always think of it when Monday rolls around.  Want to see what my picks are for this Monday, August first?  I know you do so here we go.

That Summer Feeling by tceattle

This page just screams summer to me!  I love that sweet round photograph right in the center and the other circles around it are just yummy!  The summer colors, lace and other sweet elements surrounding the page all make it absolute perfection!

Black and White Anita by Elly D

This page is SO dramatic in its black and white coloring.  The other photo techniques used add to the drama and mystique of the page.  The shadowing and dimension are just wonderful and make this page a winner.

Shadows by Grace

I couldn’t stop looking at this page when I first saw it!  The longer I looked at it, the more I saw.  SO much depth and the feeling it evokes is full of wonder.  Maya Angelou is one of my favorites too, so the quote added volumes to this already spectacular page!

Sweet Memories by Elizabeth22

Look at these sweet beach pictures!  Brings back memories – those adorable, ruffled bathing suits and sun hats.  Kids, sand and water – what better and sweeter combinations are there?  This page is scrapped so wonderfully too, with all of the summer colors and beach elements – yummy summery perfection!

Moments of July by lilholmes6

This page just jumped out at me with the picture of the kiddo learning to ride a bike.  Don’t you just love that cool red helmet?  Looks like all the help was finally a success.  The smaller pictures at the side really add to the whole cuteness of this page.

Skate and Roll by mcurtt

Last, but certainly not least – are you ready for this – a rollerblading turkey!!!  Hahaha – I absolutely LOVE this page and this turkey is skating its little heart out.  What a clever page and all of the “skate and roll” word arts just add to the whole theme of the page.

Well, that does it for me for on this “Manic Monday”.  I hope you like my picks for today and stop by and leave some love for these artists if you can.  Just click on the name of the page and it will take you to their gallery.

See you next time and keep on scrapping!


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