Hello everyone!! Do you feel it yet? Fall is coming!! I’m done with the summer heat and I’m SOO looking forward to cooler weather! I was in Costco yesterday and they had CHRISTMAS OUT!!!! Never mind that we still have Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving before that! It starts earlier and earlier each year!!! Oh well…that’s not what you’re here for – let’s get on with the show!! Both the link and the photo are linked to their respective galleries for easy viewing and commenting!

Who I Am ~  RJMJ

This page is just exquisite! I love the repeat of the photo at differing angles and all that yummy paint all around!! I know this kit, so I know how much re-coloring and blending she has done. The word art placed all around is wonderful, and the splashes of color with the sequin spill matching the flower is just perfection!

Good Morning ~ Lidia G

I love the wonderful photos of Lidia in this page, and the sweet elements all around. I especially love the clothesline with the hearts on it. Lots of fun and interesting things to look at!  Her blending around the edges is fantastic too!

Good Time with You ~  Jana

I love the soft muted colors of this layout, but even though the colors are muted, it’s very vibrant at the same time!! I think it’s the addition of the greenery! I love that she used word art to encircle her photo and that is such a great idea for photo frames!!!

Galapagos Islands ~ Yvonne55

I was drawn into this layout right away when I saw the large photos of the birds!! I had to look closer when I saw the blue feet – I was wondering if she had recolored it – but no! They are blue footed!! I then saw the amazing turtles and the seals, and this made me so happy! I love the color family she used, and the flowers and twigs are perfect for a sea page!

South of France ~  LynnG

I love when my favorite designers use their own creations so that I can see how they were meant to be used! I love the fun pictures that Lynn chose to chronicle her trip to France, and I love how clean and graphic her pages look! I expect to see this in a travel magazine!  My favorite thing she did is the top photo treatment: she colorized half of it! Great job!

Nap Time ~ Jill

There’s nothing sleepy about this layout! It’s GORGEOUS!! From the fabulous photo to the text blended into the background and everything in between – this layout is a definite favorite! I love the different splashes of paint, and the pile of that wonderful flower bunch!  The butterflies were a wonderful touch!


Well, that’s it for today!! Please take some time and give love to these ladies – they worked hard on their pages, and they would LOVE to hear from you!!

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