Today is a fantastic day to pick spectacular layouts from the galleries – so much to choose from in a variety of styles!

Night Lights by Wvsandy

I am instantly drawn into the nighttime photos by WVSandy.  Bravo on getting sharp, clear images.  I also like the clean lines and magazine look.  The little “night life” cluster at the top is the icing on the cake!

2022-01-10 by Onaponakookt

Once again, I am drawn into remarkable photography. The soft browns and golden tones get me reeved up for September and the coming of Autumn! Here, I also adore the pops of red that add delightful visual interest to the layout.

Chase the Wind by TrishD

Wow!  What’s not to love here? This is the kind of layout I’d love to jump into!  The large photo format, the endless sea of green, the little girl flying the kit.  Ahhh…beautiful, like a breezy, late summer day.

The Bison Reserve by EvelynD2

Evelyn created a perfect layout. I love the circular flow and the gorgeous clusters in opposing corners!  The neutral background is a fantastic choice for the pops of blue to come through.  I love all the little details in the clusters and the Go, See, Do banner. Magnificent!

Time Flies by Faerywings

The first word that comes to mind when I gaze upon this work of art is “atmospheric.”  For what is truly a two-dimension, digital piece, it sure does look as if I’m gazing into a large, open, almost ethereal space. Faerywings keeps creating MAGIC!

The Heart by Vickyday

The Heart is also magic! While the floral and butterfly silhouettes are spectacular, I am drawn into the dramatic textures of the inky black background.  The illustrated, graphic look is not one I see too often in the galleries.  But it sure is lovely.

I do hope each of you are enjoying the last days of August!

Happy creating!

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)


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