Happy Friday from my part of the world!!  August has been a whirlwind month.  While I’m happy the kids are back in school, that does cause other things to pick up as well, including my chauffeuring duties.  I just returned from my last run for the day and wanted to pop into your inbox with some lovely inspiration that I saw while I power walked through the galleries in between chauffeuring trips.

Believe45 by armygrl

This is from one of our very own bloggers–Lisa.  How amazing is all this white space?  I absolutely adore this stunning title with the amazing shadowing.  The elegant embellishing of the title is jaw drop beautiful.

AUG-CL Random by nhudao

The bright cheerfulness of this layout grabbed my attention first.  I then had to sit for a minute and just admire the use of all the layering and the brilliant use of all these angles to really make this layout pop!  I love that the overall look does have a lot of white space which allows those gorgeous papers to just really shine.  Take a look at the cluster and how those label elements are just tucked in there to add to the over all look.

Lovely-SL 8/20 by Amy L

Here’s another clean and simple layout that is absolutely stunning.  My niece is getting married in December and I have been strolling through the galleries looking at various inspiration as I will be documenting her journey  in a scrapbook for her.  When I saw this layout it made me stop and back track and look again.  It so elegantly captures the beauty of the moments before THE MOMENT. 

FF_aug26_BB_PP_BG_Soco_Happy 1st Birthday by EllenT

So this little girl is super adorable.  She knows it’s her birthday!!  Check out how this word is utilized it is the perfect complement to that gorgeous cluster of the birthday girl. I will also add that this mix of designs is spectacular!

Take Your Time by alannabanana

I love this predominantly tone not tone feel with pops of the red. The use of the black and white photo with a slight sepia tone is perfect for this composition.  I love all the layering ephemera and how it complements the gorgeous floral clusters.

Rome or Machu Picchu by KimPay

This layout made me chuckle.  When I read the title, I wasn’t expecting to see this old vintage vehicle.  I love the use of the vintage vehicle and I love how this artist brilliantly made the photo work.  The use of the vehicle then made the layout even more thought provoking for me.  So I think it’s time get some more travel in before I become the vintage vehicle and can’t travel and have to watch everyone else travel.  LOL. 


I hope you enjoyed my picks for this evening.  If you have a chance, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love!

Until next time….

Esther aka mywisecrafts


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