Hi all!! I hope that the first week of the new month has been good to you! We have been out of town on vacation for the last week, so I’m running a little behind tonight. I spent some time before we hit the road this morning browsing all the galleries so I’d be ready for this when I got home! I hope you enjoy my picks!!

School Supplies Shopping by Karen_
I am just in awe at all the fabulous journaling here. I am also taking notes as I will be doing the same thing next year!! This is such an awesome page!! I adore the cluster of photos and the absolutely perfect element clusters!! The little buttons on the side are such a great touch and I just love the title work!! Wonderfully done!


Quiet Times by Vrilinkie
I am so in love with the beautiful and peaceful color scheme of this layout! The yellows are so pretty!! Her photos are absolutely lovely and so serene!! Beautiful cluster work across the page and fabulous shadow work!! I just love everything about this page!! It makes me feel so calm!


Wordart chall Aug 2022 by Norma
What a fabulous photo and such a stunning page!! I adore her work with the framing and the water spilling out like it is coming from the photo! So very creative!! I also love her beautiful cluster of sea elements and the lovely wordart! Such a wonderful layout!!


Hello Ocean by Alta2014
Another breathtaking photo! What a beautiful capture and the layout is just absolutely perfect for it! I love the soft bits of white and the lace piece is so lovely!! Her beautiful cluster with the subtle pops of color is stunning!! This is just gorgeous!!


Gypsy Soul by marnie4two
How gorgeous is this page!! I am so in love with these stunning colors! Her brush work and use of the paints is absolute perfection!! Such a sweet photo and the clustering around it is so lovely!! I adore the balance se created with the flowers on the opposite side! Gorgeous shadow work as well!! Amazing layout!


Summer Memories by Ann-Sofie
I just had to include this super cute hybrid project!! I love this so much and always look at these pages with awe!! Th photos with accompanying speech bubbles is so fun and creative! I adore all the little cut out flowers as well!! This is such a wonderful project!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you enjoy my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these very talented artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


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  1. Thank you so much Jan! You made my day! Let me know if you want my list of supplies for next year. Hee hee! 😉

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