It’s just another manic Monday! But here is an eclectic blend of inspirational layouts in our community galleries…to help you get over those Monday blues.

EarthMeetsSky  by Janedee

Earth Meets Sky – What a fantastic aerial view!  In addition to the blues and browns, which I find to be soothing colors, I adore the depth of blending in Jane’s layout.  I keep looking deeper and deeper at all the wonderful, arty pieces along the edges.

Family Time by Mocamom

Less is MORE in this layout.  The super clean background is the perfect vessel to highlight the pops of blue and yellow.  The scale of this grid-style layout is delightful as is the overall clean and modern look.

4th of July Travelers Notebook – Freedom by Marikoegelenberg

I love catching hybrid projects in the galleries.  There is something so delightful seeing “organic” works of art.  Here, I love the addition of sea foam green to a traditional red, white, and blue theme.  That green helps tie the two sides together with a fresh new look and the red pops off the pages.

Mysterious Lights by Foxeysquirrel

Wow!  Talk about color pops and blending.  This work of art is pure eye-candy!  I love the way Foxeysquirrel blended an analogous color scheme, working in bits of violet and red to compliment the magenta. Although bursting with bright colors, I find the piece to be moody and atmospheric.

It’s All in Your Head by Miki

Where to begin?  There is much to see and ponder in the imagery and message presented by Miki.  What makes humans uniquely human is our thinking ability…yet the thoughts often turn sour.  But the light colors, the whimsy, and especially for me, the gal with the flowers on her head, keep the heaviness of this layout light and hopeful.

Finally Legal by Bcnatty

An American rite of passage – turning 21!  I adore the “finally legal” alphas, the bold colors on the neutral background, and how this layout is bursting with energy!!!

Happy Monday!   If you like a layout, please click the title and leave some love in the galleries!  Have a blessed week my lovelies.

Lisa (Armygrl)

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