Hello hello! It is 04:18 am of Saturday already here, a very, very cold London with very, very high energy prices so we are feeling it heavier, I am (ironically) lucky that I don’t need to go to work, so I can stay under the covers and enjoy all the beauty of the galleries, I think I got lost in the amazing full show of the season, so I will now try to be brief (which, if you know me, you know is a “bit” difficult!) Hope everyone is having a great start of the season, judging by the pages there is a lot of happy around, hope you love these pages as much as I do, as always, picking just a few is extremely difficult, but here they are 🙂

Winter by sucali is, as she constantly does, a show of elegance, a beautiful seasonal in earth tones with a gorgeous light coming from the photo edits, the choice of black and white make them shine, there is delicate perfection in the shadows, marvellous all together!

Another fabulous rendition of the season in LynnZant’s Jolly, honouring the title she brings coming together a combination of patterns and gorgeous colors, love the alpha for the title and the super cute elements clusters, and the sweet kitty with the addition of the humour in the word strips that makes this an all together music to my heart!

Still on a happy Holiday tone is Marnel with fn (Feliz Navidad, I imagine!) There is so much beauty from those gorgeous girls’ smiles, the magic coming out of those tree lights and the way she embellished -takes a piece of my heart with all those gorgeous elements!!- The use of the border templates is perfect for the biog photo, a wonderful choice of elements that shows but doesn’t take away the star place of the photo…. fabulous all over!!!

Now, this page is from a few of days back, but I’m 99.9% sure you will agree it deserves a place in the post….  Warm Winter Wishes by SeattleSheri is, as all her pages are, a master piece in every way possible… the photo is awesome, the treatment giving an air of past times, the marvellous amount of elements, the perfection of those shadows, the art of clustering is hers all the way, the details of those shining stars that make their way all over the page, the title and subtitle, everything is so perfectly balanced….. absolutely and amazingly awesome!!!!!

More explosion of colors and a lot of happy in this page, Ugly Christmas Sweater 2018 by Kimberly27. I think I was commenting a couple of days ago about how I already loved her pages a couple of years back when I first came across her, and the way I have seen her grow into even more beautiful pages, is delightful to be able to have a glimpse of people’s lives through the pages and here there is a gorgeous layering, wonderful fun, proper holiday cheer!!!

Next is Winter Recital by Mamabee. As I’m sure I keep making a point, there is something very special about sharing our lives in photos or feelings through art journal, but the feeling of seeing our children grow whilst getting inspired by some scrappers that I have been admiring for almost 10 years, that is, I think, what makes the scrapbooking a very different hobby…. I have made great friendships with some of them, but still get that feeling of a heart full of joy with the ones we hardly cross many words…. this is the case with Rebecca and this page here…. Not just the page is beauty in every pixel, gorgeous composition, amazing big title in the way I love, alphas and word arts combined to make an impression, the big photo, the gold with flashes of red, the shadows that give that paper made feeling (another one of my most favorite things) but having seen him growing  as she shares journaling with us honestly (which to me always takes the page to a higher level) I can feel that pride she must be feeling… absolutely gorgeous, full of joy!

Another awesome artist, Miki with Live Life. LOVE this so much!!! I am a huge fan of extractions, especially when done with this accuracy, total perfection, and here combined with that great title, the amazing way in which she manipulated the background to place them in such wonderful way (and she shares her process, be sure to stop by to read on!) plus the story behind, which she shares with us too…one can see the humour even before knowing what was going on, and, not that I don’t respect people using stock photos (I use them sometimes) but there is a joy to the heart when the photos are ours, tell our story… Impressive page all over!!!

I couldn’t resist adding a few more pages, especially finding a bunch of decorated art dolls…I cannot resist!!! So here are two very different exponents off this challenge (I need more health and more time to be able to go play!!!)

One is from one of my inspiring people for almost 10 years, I wish I had, once again, more health and time to visit her gallery, maybe I can make it a new year’s resolution! Here is Bright Eyes with BE Day 9- Art Doll Dress Up Challenge. This is such a wonderful composition, she opted for a head going into elegant seasonal dress, gorgeous elements choices, elegant colors, mixture of textures and fabulous framing…. so amazing!!!!!!

Last but not in the least least, is our very own Cherylndesigns with Day 9 Decorate an Art Doll, another gorgeous take on the challenge, she takes on a full body and creates a gorgeous mixture of textures with those pieces of lace, the foliage, berries and more, balanced by the wonderful painted tree and transfers in the background, the bells are such a sweet touch, also love the little tag on the top left, all together makes a brilliant seasonal card!!! Fantastic!!!

This is all from me for today, Hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these marvellous ladies and their creativity! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!







14 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 09th –

  1. Ooooooh…you made me so happy Cynthia! Thank you very much for mentioning my layout here, this was a really sweet surprise.
    Congrats to all!

    Susanne (sucali)

  2. Oh my gosh, Cynthia… you made me cry happy tears with your kind words. I’m so honored to have a page chosen by one my favorite fellow scrapbooker. Thank you, my dear friend!

    1. every word is truly heart felt!!!!!!!!! as I mentioned in the post, I know we haven’t chatted much, but my admiration for you grew righter with your place (and family) in my heart!!!!

  3. Thank you so much Cynthia!!! Sorry I’m a little late replying, I’m currently traveling and not online too much. I hope you are doing well and thanks making my day!! Big hugs!

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