The temperatures are cold, and the wind carries a bite.  Days are getting ever shorter and nights ever longer.  But the magic of the season is blossoming with ice crystals, snowflakes, ever green trees, and things that make us feel comfortable and warm, like a nice hug, a sweater, or a cup of hot chocolate.  Magic is in the air and this season seems to draw out a special kind of creativity.

Hugs by Keepscrapping

Yes, the cuddle is real when its super cold outside.  But the rosy cheeks and crisp, blue sky are delightful.  So are the wreath design and ginger snap cookies.


Hot Chocolate by dotcomkari

Mmmm…our very own blogger Kari crafted the yummiest of layouts!  The layers are so delightful and the warm colors are comforting and rich. I adore the sprigs of pine poking out here and there, adding to the feel of seasonal magic.


By Your Side by Roxana

What a lovely layout with exquisite shadows.  There is such a dimensional look here, it seems as if one could reach in and pluck out a flower.


Bricolage December by Jcaruth910

That icy blue color pops from the gallery!  I am ever the fan of collage art and mixed media and this layout ticks so many boxes – great design, great colors, interesting focal point.  Bravo on this magnificent piece of art.

Crafty And I Know It by Skinospot

Ha, ha!  I could not pass up this layout.  Sometimes my craft room gets so messy with supplies I can no longer craft!  Much love for this whimsical and fun layout.  I am such an admirer of “full” creations (not something I excel at).


Good Times by Oldenmeade

And we are back to winter magic!  There is something about this layout that makes me look closer and closer for Peter Pan…. seems like he should be flying about!  Gosh, this layout has dreamlike qualities.


J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”

Here is to making magical and flying!  Happy December.

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

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