Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well! There is a lovey dovey feeling around the galleries, with Valentine approaching, a lot of sweet pinks and vibrant reds…but as always, we have such talented people in our communities, I have found expressions of love so marvellous and particular each on their own… it is a delight and an extremely difficult task at the same time…but you know this, of course., as I keep telling you.so.. lets dive straight into it….only just before we do…

Please Note:  you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author (not the actual image) It will open another tab, please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

I’m going to start with a beyond marvellous page, wonderful from the choosing of the title to the tiniest detail, this is Good Golly, Miss Molly (and I will be singing it in my head for at least a couple of days!) by djp332. It is no surprise that she shines in the galleries, all her pages are great, but this one has it all, that power of the awesome feel of a new life, the big photo pulled me in from the thumbnail and from them I got lost in that beauty, the gorgeous mix of textures, the transfers together with the journaling so well laced together… you keep fighting, Miss Molly!  When working for the  UK’s National Health Service, I have seen over 200 hundred premature babies getting through beautifully, and growing into wonderful young people.

Following on the most amazing take on love, another documenting the beauty in a new life, is our IntenseMagic with the more than appropriately named page, Cute. And this baby is not just cute….she is trendy from birth! The amazing take on the template, the talent to get so many patterns and make them look like they belong, just very few elements combined with a title work that pulls it all together, the beauty of those shadows… I think “perfection” says it best!

Moving on from babies but continuing in the line of extremely talented ladies, this one being one of my most favourite and inspiring for over 10 years, is HeatherB with Puzzled. Love the photo-less being powerful with just a few details, the puzzle pieces and paint scattered and the circles give movement and the big title, all shadowed to perfection!!! She inspires, as always!!!

Another impressive photo-less creation from ravenbyrd: PGAD : Make it Your Own. I always keep saying how we have such a gift in scrapbooking, we get to make beautiful art pieces out of not so good events, things, feelings…. and this is a great example. Among the many health conditions that I daily battle on, is Fibromyalgia, and I know well how truthful the statement is. The feeling is wonderfully interpreted in the page, starting by the background paper , the fabulous layering of a few elements that speak even before reading the journaling….clouds are my most favorite elements, the word art perfect here too, all together a very strong statement. a beautiful light and softness coming together in one awesome, harmonic piece!

Back to love in pinks and reds, another one of my most loved ladies, norton94 with a page she calls Oh Sweetheart (and I can hear her saying it) Starting with the visual beauty of the page,  I take pause to admire this awesome background, the marvellous clusters, there is a balance so perfect in the colors, and those faces, all. human, and pup’s…. touches the heart even more so with the journaling taking the page to an extra high. Again, that power of translating the battles of life into pages as awesome as this.. no need for more words 🙂

Another one of the amazingly inspiring lades that have pieces of my heart, this one of the most creative and strongest expressive, RJMJ with Enough is Enough (I maybe singing Gloria Gaynor for a few days too!!!) As usual with Rhonda, we don’t just get the marvels of her pages beauty, but she shares where her mind goes with each of them…which I know for many of us means meeting another life warrior, and keep creating… also she has that power of filling a page and giving life to characters in them, the ink drawings here with the empty frames take my mind into a lot of different possibilities, there is so much detail one keeps finding, tiny elements incorporated brilliantly, the smudges of red paint, fabulous all over!

Last but not in the least least is Applechick with Morning Peace, a beyond words blending here, the perfection of integrating the photo into this particular background, the creation of light and a marvellous way creating volume, dimension within the blend… can’t read the entire journaling but her one line commentary and looking at the page got a big smile from me!

This is all from me tonight, Hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these awesomely talented ladies!!!!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 11th-

  1. your picks are stupendous as I expect nothing less
    Congrats people on the wonderful layouts Cyn chose they are fabulous!

  2. Thank you for featuring one of my pages here Cynthia. It is an honour to be included with such talent as these layout artists. You made my week!

    1. you know how much I love you, learned from you, and keep getting inspired!!!! LOVE what you did with the page!!!!!! <3

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