I still can’t believe it. I’m in shock that we are already in the second month of the year 2022!! Time is just flying by!

Welcome to today’s version of Finger Pointing! I hope you enjoy the layouts I have for you, and please, click on through (either on the picture or the name of the layout) and leave some loving to the ladies who created these pages! It’s always a beautiful day for me when I see I have comments on any of my pages!

So, first up: “Nothing to Do”, by Tiffany Scraps! 

I think that we can all relate to the feelings in this layout from The Digital Press!

I saw the picture (which by the way, that hexagon shape is TDF!!) and had to see what the topic was! I have always loved the pink and green color palette, so that fabulous ribbon brought my eyes in as well. This page is a perfect way to chronicle one of the fears of digital scrapbook life!!!!

Welcome” by CathyS is the next layout page I want to share with you.

I saw that amazing door and I had to see what this page was all about! The color scheme is perfect and the way she highlighted the door was so perfect. The triangle on the bottom pointing to the title, the verse, and then the door made it feel like the page itself was a door opening itself up to us coming in! The flowers are beautiful, and the paint behind it all just makes the entire page pop.

Meeting the Great” by Blackkathy

This page just made my ovaries ache! What a gorgeous page!

I saw the amazing title work and had to see what else it said. Then, that photo. Oh my – my heart just lept. The baby looking at his great gramps is just so sweet! I love the simple stitching around the page, and the Bible quote with the cute little birdies placed so perfectly around it. I also. like the symbolism of the key under the title.

Defî AnnaLift” by cyanne22

I must really like this layout because I chose 5 layouts to decide between over at OScraps, and they were ALL scraplifts of another layout!!  I finally honed in on this one because of the texture. I was fascinated by how many paint items are actually on this page, and how they create such texture. And yes, you KNOW I was pulled in by the beautiful butterfly.  I just love the way all the elements together give such movement to the page, and they make me want to zoom in and see it all!!!

Autumn” by AZK is next up!

Newsprint backgrounds are such fun to use, but you have to be careful how you use them or they take over the page.  AZK did such a wonderful job of blending and adding paints to the print that it becomes textural, and really supports the photo and the amazing autumn trees! Her blending is perfect, and she really left the photo to shine by having just that little banner pile.

Closing out our choices for today from The Lily Pad:

LOVE” by Armygrl

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome Lisa’s shadows are!!! I Just wanted to take that “O” especially, and see if it was real!!! She does such a great job with everything, but her shadow work takes the cake in this beautiful tribute to love. The other unique thing that I like about this page is that she has journaling but she broke it up into three easy to read points. I love that.

Well my friends, that’s all for today! Again, leave some lovin’ to all these ladies and their beautiful pages!! We’ll see you soon!!


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  1. Thank you so much for choosing my layout! I am so honored and that you realized what the key meant..loved that.

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