In a world full of craziness, I hope we can find comfort in one another through our appreciation of a beloved artform– scrapbooking!  Let us celebrate our differences and cherish our sameness.  We are a global community, and when things get ugly, let us hunt the good stuff and find the beautiful in everyday, ordinary living.

Chall2022_02 by ad77

This layout is a pocketful of happiness with the arty vibe, the awesome clustering, the dragon fly and strong message.

BHS Grad 2021 by Gina

Gina has every right to be proud of this beautiful, smart, young lady.  Congratulations, Grad!  And beautiful layout, Gina.  I love your limited palette with the strong blue and pops of yellow (and nice eagle peeking through!).

Small beginnings by ajm

Oh yeah!  This gal is craving a bit of summer and I’m getting it from this gorgeous layout! I like the brown leaves.  They remind me of how my current world looks – but I’d love to open my window to summer. I love the use of the lock and key elements too!

Feel the Burn by Chaos Lounge

Yes, thank you for the reminder and motivation! I love the use of vibrant orange here, and the filled page style is marvelous.  This page has energy!

Happy Birthday by DawnMarch

This is such a sweet birthday layout!  I adore the wreath design and the use of all those pins!  And the birthday girl is glowing!

This View by stormchaser

Yes!  Let us cherish Mother Earth and delight in her beauty!  Thank you for sharing this magnificent view with us!  And what a wonderful multi-photo spread!

Thank you for stopping by!  If you have time, please leave love in the galleries – each title is hyperlinked.  And let us hope and pray for peace.

– Lisa

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