Hello! I’m (as usual) a bit late, writing on the Saturday morning of the 26th, in a weather that seems to be determined to wreck through my bones, and in general wreck places in the world ….. but lets not get into the craze going on in our planet  in so many ways….lets instead concentrate on the beauty and passion, the wonderful souls our creative sisters share, which I’m sure, fills all our hearts with most beautiful, positive feelings!

Starting with one of my very first Queens of Elegance, I still remember seeing her pages almost 10 years ago and being marvelled, I still am, plus got to know her beautiful heart along the way, that heart she pours in each and every page… she is JenEm, & calls this Fly High. The awesome talent of hers to make the still images move, her photography is so very beautiful, the template seems like it was designed for these photos, the perfection of those shadows, so very powerful and soothing at the same time….!

On the other end of the style (though she can do minimalist amazingly too, her talent knows no limit!) is Iowan with 2005-Thanksgiving. I spent a good half hour trying to pick just one page, she has so much, so inspiring! Love how there is so much “work” done in each quadrant, the choice of color is perfection, the blending and different textures, each very individual, different, and still “at home” all together! LOVE love LOVE what she did with the wings, and, of course, seeing her in this is an added bonus!!! Absolute perfection!

Next is another sister I am sure you all know well, Marilyn aka mcurtt with Frolic. I’m always amazed by her prolific, creative soul that keeps surprising me even after so many years. Love the way she brought together the old photo (her aunts and friends) with the super cute , modern colors and the clean lines of the template, marvellous combination of patterns, lots of tiny details like that isolated staple, and, of course, that amazing bicycle paired with the gorgeous alphas, awesome all over!!! …and I JUST realize she has a new, super fun avatar!

Another super standout, What a Kid by amyjcaz, a fabulous monochromatic, almost full page photo, this is one of my most favourite type of layouts… I am of the opinion that a great photo can make the page, but then there is need of talent to make the photo shine in a scrapbook page…and she most certainly has it! The beautiful smile, perfect capture, the blending marvellously done, if I am not mistaken there are at least 2 papers blended, then the great cluster, the mixture of textures that continues into the title work, plus the detail of lowering the opacity makes it all together fabulous!

Another super talented girl whom I have been admiring for years, but it seems only lately I had the chance to stop in her gallery… this is tjscraps with Beautiful. She is another talent, no matter what style, a memory keeper, a storyteller that makes me wanna spend more time around to keep getting inspired! Love the apparent simplicity here…apparent because it takes more than a few simple brushes or stamps to make this (beautiful!) photo shine…., here again: different textures coming together in harmony, the soft myst in the background bringing those branches to the eye, the more corporeal elements shadowed so well, it feels almost like a non digital page! Marvellous!!!

Last but not least is magnolia with Inspir(art)ion. Maybe because I draw, and upon to some time ago, I kept a hand written journal, I’m fascinated by kits or paper packs that have notebooks type in them, and this one is so gorgeous!!! The background with splashed ink and paint, the layering and delicate shadows that make it all delightful. I’m not sure if the drawing is hers, but even if not, the idea and the putting together the pieces is amazing!

This is all from me today….

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! hope you enjoy your weekend…!!!



5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 25th-

  1. Thanks 😘 so much for including my page in today’s Gallery Standouts. I liove ❤️❤️❤️all your choices today, lots of inspiration.

  2. Thank you for including my page with all of these beautiful pages, and for your kind words. Congrats to all the artists featured in this post. Much love to you! xo

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