Hello again!!! Delighted to be back so soon, With the world in the state it is, being here with you, sharing the beauty and feelings, the translated memories of so many talented creatives sooth the soul! As usual, I’m here very late (or very early?) almost 5 am of Monday, I ll bring you some of the most beautiful pieces I found in the galleries, hope you enjoy!

One of my most amazing, inspirational talents to start the post, is HeatherB with Living the Good Life. Her full gallery is one gem after another, and as she has been one of my main inspirations since I started, over 10 years ago, I feel in some way like part of the family… I have seen her boys grow up, turn into the wonderful young men they are now, love it also when we share the passion for going back in time with our children in pages ….and I melt with the beauty of this one! Love the big title, those super cute smiles in the photos shine, her talent for layering and the gorgeous shadows, love that dotted circle in the background that gives movement….brilliant all over page!!!!!

Another amazing, inspirational creative, one that surprises me every time, even after all these years, with her elegance no matter what style she chooses, is SeattleSheri with Soar. Her talent for clustering, her layers of wonderful colors and those dimensional shadows that give volume and that “made on paper” feeling…. absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

Another immense talent, gonewiththewind (you may best know her as the creative genius of Fiddle Dee Dee Designs) with Breathe. I can be here for hours telling you of the love and admiration I feel for this lady, but I’m sure at least an 80% of this industry feels the same way. The page gives me a mixture of feelings for a number of reasons, one is that I know that feeling well, as I know many of us who find solace in our creativity probably do, when you fight with a body that refuses to cooperate, when life becomes harder and we still need to carry on… so much present in the page, and I think this is the very first time I see a photo of Cheryl without a smile…and isn’t the mask that is covering…those eyes speak a language many of us know well….and still, with all her talent, she transforms all that into the most beautiful piece of art, and a message that helps each and everyone of us who feel that way so many times…. the beauty of every every bit of the composition, the mixture of doodles with more corporeal elements, a soft background that grows with stamps and little bits in scatters, the beautiful word strips, then the strength of that picture cemented with the black and white….but softens by great pieces of nature, layered and surrounding it are flowers, hearts and butterflies…. once again, that incredible power we have been given with our scrapping…we transform the not so beautiful, the hard facts, feelings, events that have nothing of beauty…into a marvellous piece of art. And I wish I could give more than words here….

Next is Introverted by HeatherH. On a lighter way, we continue with the representation of feelings, this one is so brilliantly done, that, even though I’m far from being introverted, think of what I could do with the pieces of this kit that shine here!!! Love the wooden background with fading patterns, the contrast with the black silhouette and the awesome explosion of flowers, and then looking closer, all those tiny bits… flairs, musical notes, hearts, beautiful butterflies…..all beautifully shadowed…amazing and super fun photo-less page!!!

Another amazing lady, CindyB with Celebrating 50 Years. I had to choose from many of her pages today and each was awesome, but I think I share the passion for the mouse with many of you…and can’t resist a great family picture in the  land of magic!!!  As always, Cindy brings together the photos with perfection in clustering, the colors amazing, all in sync and shining with the reflection of the golds, LOVE the elegance here, that oval frame so delicate and Cindy’s shadows making the whole thing feel regal!!!!!! The division in the background with the different color patterns makes its all shine even more!!!!

Last but not least, a super marvellous play in red, February by bkasko brings that Valentines feeling we love this month with a gorgeous take on a template, love the photos (you have the nails I always wanted!!! my nail beds are too small) gorgeous nail art, this gives me the vibes of being a brilliant cover for a book to print, or a first page in style, also a calendar page….so many possibilities with this gorgeous, happy and fun page!! LOVE the big month wording, the elegance in the combination of patterns, the clusters and those flowers tucked behind the photo, the whole thing is full of details like those pearls in a swirl, vibrant and elegant at the same time, fabulous vibe to start my week!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed these and get inspired!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living… Have an amazing week!

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