Welcome to February!!! I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by! I think doing the Month of Challenges over at The Lily Pad really made the days go by so fast. The creativity it brings up in me is so satisfying!

I hope you’re ready to see some wonderful layouts!!! If you have a moment, give them all love in their galleries because they deserve it!!  I am so enamored with these!!!

First up, Little Tiger, by Sylvia

The adorable photo of her son just pulled me in, but it’s all the information that she got into this page that amazes me even more! It’s colorful, it’s informative, and it’s cute as heck!! I especially like the movement in this layout. My eye is just brought through the page. 5 Stars for you!!!

Next we have “Ten Things About Me” by Kristinkristin. I love the way she made her list, and how her photos are thin and long like ribbons. The pictures perfectly fit her journaling, and I just love how much information she shared. I feel like I know her after looking at and reading her page!


“Beach Solitude” by Sweet Talker is perfect for right now. In this cold of winter, isn’t it wonderful to get a beach page?? Even though it’s obvious they are in warm clothes, I just feel warm with the colors of this layout. The brown perfectly matches the sand and the blue is so beautiful and matches the ocean! The photos are warm and engaging too!


Grethel, by bcazzell is next. Don’t you just want to know more about this wonderfully fashionable lady from this kit? She looks so much like my paternal grandmother with her pearls, cat eye glass and the beautiful dress! I love the locket and the ribbons and I so wish that I could read her journaling! She has a talent for beautiful blending of the picture too!!

In the same blendy type mold, take a look at this beauty by CarolWenxin, Rosaline.  The blended kiss photo is just so wonderful with the rose blended near the feet. The beautifully shadowed rose cluster is amazing, and the photo in the middle is just so happy and infectious! The muted tones and the sepia treatment of the photo works perfectly together.

Finally, we have Week 4 2022 by bred1269

I was fascinated by this pocket page today. I love the way she journaled and used different colors of the day names. The photos are so beautiful! The brown frame makes the blue and the snow just pop. I love the adorable picture of her boy with the snowballs! It’s sparsely “elemented”, but it doesn’t need any more. The pictures shine!!

Thank you for taking another trip around digital-land with me, and I will see you in a few weeks with some more top notch 5 star layouts!!

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