Hello Everyone!! How is your June going?  One more week and it will be officially summer, but most of us have already hit the summer heat! I know we have. We are having more 100+ degrees weather than NOT lately!

I was surfing through the galleries and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to one per gallery! There are so many beautiful and inventive pages out there!! Here are the ones I really wanted you to pay attention to! As always, leave them some love if you get a chance! Every artist, no matter how long they’ve been around, LOVES to see comments!!!

You are not a Stranger Here by Spinefusion

I am fascinated by the blending of the face with the pattern and the background! It reminds me of a cyborg! I love the photo treatment on the background buildings and the dictionary page as texture!

Emu Wren by Tamsin

I’m always drawn in by cute puppies, butterflies, babies, and fat little birdies!! Such a sweet picture! I love the minimal elements and the sweet butterfly. The blending of the watercolor paper behind the photos is perfect! Great color choices and I love the font for “Stay”.

Lighthouse by *gina*

My Mom was part Danish, so I loved seeing this picture of a Danish lighthouse. The fun thing about this page is that Gina almost made two pages, yet the paint and the journaling tied the two together. The large multi-font title and the blending of the watercolors on the background are perfect!

Remember When by Marnel

Ok, you had me at Butterflies! I was pulled in by them and the beautiful bright colors! The title “Remember When” is perfectly blended into the background. The layered ripped paper makes a great background, and the plain one on the top helps the beautiful cluster at the top pop out at you.

Ducklings by Jcaruth910

What an absolutely gorgeous page!! I love the layers of watercolor, a map underneath, and text as texture! The photo of the cute duck is such a wonderful photo. I didn’t notice the ducklings at first – I was drawn to the reflection of the Momma Duck! The dragonfly and postage stamp is a perfect topping for a great page.


Love by Cinderella

Just about everything Cinderella does is love in my book!! This one called to me and I was not surprised! Her blending is top-notch, and there is always some surprise to me. The surprise this time was the paint drips underneath the lace. I love the way she uses gesso as well. I feel like I could reach out and touch the monitor and I would feel the textures!

Well, that’s it for today!!! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing ~ June 16, 2022

  1. Thanks so much for the hi-ite, I was really in my feelings missing my daughter and the fact that she’s missing from so many of our milestones ;(

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