Hi everyone!

I have been a bit awol the last week, as my bestie is here from London, so I have been spending time with her and not at my computer. It has been a lot of fun, bar the spider incident earlier today…

Vrielinkie – Wild Thing

Isn’t this gorgeous! I love the patchwork heart, using all those fun patterns in one tone of coral! Creating the title using a lyric and ‘wild’ alphas is a wonderful touch and the shadow work is perfect. I also like the patchwork background, but using more neutral colours and patterns, to let the heart shine!

Carrie1977 – 100 Percent This

I am a big fan of Carrie’s work; this just jumped out at me! I love the painty, background – the colours are so nice and soft, I really like all the little bits and bobs included – hearts, stars, words, etc. Her layers are lovely, with the small cluster at the front and lots of little elements tucked into her layers. I like that her message is made up of a mixture of journal card and wordbits.

Kiana – A March Muse

I am just fan-girling all over the place today! Kiana’s work always inspires me and I also use her shadow pack for my layouts 🙂 I love the colours here, such a wonderful mix of patterns, but again using the same main colour and using all the possible tones, so pretty. I love the use of Hexagons here, I’m a hexie fan. I love the message here of being your own muse and the photos and the words really tie that message together.

iScrap – Love and Coffee

It’s no secret I love coffee, I had to give up caffeine in January, but I have found some tasty decaf, so it’s all good. I love coffee-themed layouts and I really love the rich colours here and all the fun little clusters that have a mixture of flowers, wordart, hearts and coffee-themed elements.The busy background paper, doesn’t actually feel that busy here, it suits the stacked, full nature of the layout. Love it!

Amandajk – Signature June22

I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but I am including it here because WOW!! If this is her signature, how awesome will her layouts be! I love everything about this. Amanda has created a fun little scene for her signature and there is so much to look at. I love the Giraffe poking out of the car, the painty sunburst, the different flowers, so very creative and special. I feel like this would make a great desk plaque!

Sylvia – Sunshine Days

Final piece of fan-girling from me! Sylvia has to be the Queen of Clean Layouts -right? Her work is so inspiring, she often creates simple, clean layouts that pack a huge punch. This one just proves that you can tell your story without photos, I am 100% with her on her happy place, beach, sea, vacay = yes please. I love the little finishing touches of the camera, the flowers and the scatters.

That’s all from me today, I hope you will go and leave these talented scrappers some love. Happy scrapping, I am off to the beach and I will see you in July.

Claire x



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