Pappa, father, baba, vater, padre… “Dad” has many names.  Although all nations do not celebrate Father’s Day today, many do!  So our hats off to the dads in our lives!  Today’s GSO post is a tribute to these very special men.

Slow Scrap Story_Dad by Mcurtt

The 1954 photo of Marilyn’s dad is pretty special!  Although, that “Danger Men” sign poking up makes me giggle.  When you can, drop by and read the journaling – it is almost “brutal” honesty, yet Marilyn ends with humor.  And no sleeveless undershirts were harmed in the making of this layout, or GSO post.

Sunny Day by Vrielinkie

We typically do not feature the same layout artist two days in a row. But I break that rule today since the star of Vrielinkie’s main photo is Grandpa!  And that fits perfectly with the Father’s Day theme.  And, Vrielinkie’s use of organic lines and waves perfectly complements the beach photos.

2022 Father’s Day Card by Iowan

I am such a fan of hybrid projects and adore this layout featuring a hybrid Father’s Day card.  I love the personal touches and never thought to make a card like this myself.  Thank you for the inspiration, Carol!

Rad Dad by HeatherH

That enormous title is an attention getter!  But I love all the tiny details too from the emoji face, moustache, and lovely floral cluster.  This is a RAD layout for dad!

My Hero by Susan

What heartfelt journaling by Susan to her hero – her dad!  I adore the creative journaling and use of the books with wisdom, honor, love, mentor and truth on the spines.

One More Time by Franlk

Okay, this one has me teary eyed!  “I wish I could hug my dad one. more. time.”  This is such a poignant reminder to let those special men in our lives know just how special they are.

In closing, today also celebrates Freedom, Justice, and the end of slavery in the United States.  June 19, 1865, just over two years after President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery in the US, slaves in Texas finally learned of their freedom.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Juneteenth!

Have a lovely week ya’ll!

Take care.

Lisa (Armygrl)

7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 19th

  1. A shout out to all the fathers on this day. And thanks SO MUCH Lisa, for including my page. It was difficult for me to journal about it, yet it was important that I did. I can now move on. I am honored.

  2. I am so humbled. The honor really goes to my father who is such a bright light in my world. Thank you so much for choosing my page. It really has made my day!

  3. Lisa, thanks so much for the the sweet comments and congratulations to everyone who got mentioned today. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you so much for the Standout. My dad died 28 years ago , but I would love to crawl up in his lap for one more hug!

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