Hello wonderful people!!! Hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are! Here the weather is finally hot, even if climate disaster has made even more extreme the fact that London can have the 4 seasons in one day…at least most of the day is more comfortable for these old bones! It is (nothing new here LOL) extremely late, early hours of Saturday, so I will try get this as brief as my heart allows!

Starting with Happy Days by cfile, an awesome, super elegant composition shinning from the old photo to the minimum detail, love how she brings elegance to a busy background, delicate embellishing with fabulous shadows… all together marvellous!

Next is a Hybrid Junk Journal Page- Seahabilited by Rachel Jefferies, I know many of you, like me, love designers who scrap, and if you have a passion for journals and wonderful creativity, you ll be as amazed as I am with this right now! I haven’t taken to my hybrid in a while, but this is inspiration enough to get to it!  Love the stitched piece of fabric in contrast with the seahorse, the stamps and those gorgeous text paths Rachel creates are perfection in the whole thing! Rachel also has a video of her making of this beauty, you can see it here. 

Another super fabulous talented lady who has been inspiring us for as long as I have been around, is wombat146 with Beach Day. Love Ona and love big photo pages, both together here are making music in my heart!  The way she paired the amazing photo with the big dots paper is brilliant, the gorgeous little cluster with the elements is sweet and perfectly shadowed, everything here makes me smile, so beautiful!!!!!

Here my heart sings loud, very loud…. XoXo by Saar is not just a delight in technique but one of the most beautiful pages on motherhood I have seen in a long time…. of course, this being Sarah’s, it could only be the very best! She is a new mum and I haven’t had the time or health to stop to catch up properly with her, so you know how happy this makes me! I should add, this is not the last page she posted, all her pages deserve a place here, I chose this one because I think it reflects the beauty of the past few months in an amazing way….. the gorgeous pastels she is using for consistency make the whole page soft and warm, the photo treatment is perfection in tandem with the colors, and (I know I am being repetitive…but can’t find another word to define her talent!) the perfection of Sarah’s layering and clusters shines as always…. this is pure awesome!!!!!

Another one of my super  favorite people, one of my very first idols back 10 years and inspiring since, HeatherB with You are One of a Kind, a gorgeous, super dynamic page portraying her son with brilliancy! Love the take on the template, the way she made the greens work with the blues, those gorgeous clusters and the wonderful shadows all around, plus how amazingly she shows that a masculine page can have flowers galore…. marvellous all together!!!

A more recent arrival in our scrap families, but one who has gotten the hearts of many of us with her creativity, Mywisecrafts with This Beautiful Life.  Once again, big photo gets my heart all the way, and the way she has blended here, the perfection of every bit of space harmoniously making the whole, the cluster with subtle shadows, lots of different textures , all in perfect sync, marvellous!!!!

Last but not least (big time no least!!!) is The Hunt by seniorgal,  a fantastic blend of a scene that feels so like being in the middle of the country side England some years ago, beautifully placed in a gorgeous array of pinks and muted yellows, wonderful details with little clusters mixing different types of elements and a very modern tittle that somehow looks so at home in the page, love the way it seems to shine and light up my screen, gorgeous page!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do! I will leave you now as I think I did something, not sure what, that messed with the settings of my mouse and is not letting me right click or copy and paste so I did the whole post using two different browsers, hope all is ok, I have checked many times, but my neurological issues might have missed something…..as I’m running later than usual, I ll stop here, but, please, take a minute or two to leave some love in these awesome pages, get inspired and inspire, have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for joining us!!!



8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 24th-

  1. Sweet Cynthia, thanks so much for highlighting a page of mine here, always such an honor! xx Congrats to everyone else as well! xx

  2. Oh my goodness.. thank you so very much Cynthia, from the bottom of my heart for choosing and highlighting my page as a GSO .. you have made my day!! I am humbled with being showcased with all this wonderful talent displayed here!

    1. you know I fell in love with that page as soon as you made it, and also, like with Heather…all your pages have the standout factor!!!!!! but I’m happy to be able to bring a little but more joy to your day, for sure!!!!! Huggzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for highlighting a page of mine Cynthia, it is such a honour, especially coming from you! You have made my day (which also happened to be my birthday!!). So nice to be featured with all this amazing talent!

    1. OH My!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! So glad that I found you last night then!!!!! Hope you are having a GREAT day!!!!! Your pages are each and everyone iof them a GSO, and lately I’m loving seeing the boys are letting you take more pictures!!! Huge hugs fir you, my friend, all the love in. the world from here!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so so so much for featuring my layout. This really warms my heart! Thank you SO much for all the kind words. Much much much appreciated!

    1. love you, my dear, will try make time too catch up with you properly, always a delight to find you and feature YOU!!!!!!

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