Well – apparently this round of GSO picks I am going slightly monochromatic with all the white background layouts.  There is something about nicely textured digital papers that mimic the organic look of canvas, sketchpads and “real” paper, like you can reach through your computer screen and feel how rough or smooth the paper is.  It also amazing how starting with a simple blank canvas can result in such unique layouts.

The Church T by Heather Prins

The blending is superb and the story is extra cute!  The “Church T” – gives me the giggles.  The minds of wee-little ones are too cute.

Masks by Marleen

I am blown away by Marleen’s amazing artistry and creativity.  This is a piece to ponder.  Do the masks represent all the pieces of one’s true self?  Or the masks one wears to hide the true self?

Alpaca Picnic by Sucali

Again, I have the giggles, “Alpaca Picnic” – cute title!  And here I am blown away by the use of a Christmas Template in a non-Christmas layout.  Bravo!   The stars are the star of the show.

Cat Grass by ClaireG

Claire is one of our bloggers and tonight I feature a layout by her.  Aside from the beautiful, cheerful colors, the storytelling is so fun!  Maybe Claire will get Clint Catwood some cat nip.

Progress by Bcnatty

Much love for the vertical flow of the photos and elements (and all the little ink dots and music notes on the paper).  But the story, so special and sweet, melts my heart.

May by Golya

Oh wow – what an awesome way to look back on the following month and document events.  I adore the inchie photos clipped a top corner to reveal the date.


My fellow scrappers, story tellers and art lovers – please have yourself a lovely and blessed week.

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)

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