Hello, my digi-friends!!!

I am pleased to be bringing you a new batch of lovely scrap pages today!  Browsing through the galleries, I am caught by the amount of color that people are using lately! The pastels and especially the teals and pinks have me wanting to buy all the kits – but I would go broke if I bought all the kits I liked!! I’ll just have to point them out and enjoy the pages that all you digi-scrappers make!

Mother Bear “Inner Peace”

Mother Bear’s “Inner Peace” layout includes so many techniques that I work on to learn. I love her duo tone type large photo, and the photo treatment she put on it. The splashes of pink flowers just bring my eyes around the page, and making her photos black and white really makes them stand out in all the teal and pink beauty around them! Her shadowing is amazing. and I love how she used her text behind her actual journaling, and the ghost of the pink flower under the title is so perfect!

Next up, ajm’s “Focus”

Keeping in theme with pastel pink flowers, here is my next lovely entry: ajm’s Focus!! I. love how the flower gives a focus and pulls your eye into the middle of the page, and then that gorgeous butterfly is a perfect thought! She is a master of blending many background items. I love the gesso and the coffee rings and the textural paper pieces! Lovely!!

LorMW is next with her “Wanderlust” page.

Wow, Lor. WOW!! The extraction on this is so perfect! I love that your background paper makes it look like he’s standing on the map. Oh, and then her cutout with the Grand Canyon inside.  Her elements were perfect for the theme, and the shadowing is amazing. I love the envelope tie too!

yorkiemom  “Green as in Nature”

Oh, what a romantic page! The sketch of the woman is so beautiful and thoughtful and the bouquet of flowers in the middle is just gorgeous!  If you look closely, you can see a green-lipped woman peeking out of the flowers! The text in the background makes for great visual interest and the way it’s covered in a few places with gesso really brings attention again to that fabulous bunch of greenery. Oh, and did I mention that adorable birdie???

BlackKathy “Forever”

Lookie here: More pink!! I guess pink was on my mind tonight. This picture just touched my Mommy’s heart so much! What an adorable photo! Tying the pink of the shirt with the word art and the butterfly and flair is a perfect touch to tie in all the elements of the page. The shape of the picture and the corresponding shape of the text is very unique and eye-catching!  She anchors it to the page with that adorable hummingbird and the paint splashes underneath.  She uses the scribbles perfectly – they’re a little messy, but their messiness contains the other paint and elements she has used on this page.

marijke’s “Live for This” ends our trip today.

I have tried, and I just can’t replicate this technique: yet!!! I adore how she took her photo and made it look like a painting! Not only that, but her background choice was so perfectly painted that it looked like the sky! Even though she did a lot of modifying the picture, you can still see the reflection of the red boat in the water! No embellishments are really needed at all on this page! This is a work of art that I would display on my wall!!

Well, that’s it for today! Have an amazing day – and try to scrap something you’ve never done before! Also, please give these ladies some love at their galleries – it’s well deserved!!

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  1. OMG! What an honor to be chosen for GSO amongst all these amazing creations! Thank you so much; You made my day!!!

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