Hello all! It’s Addie (agoymerac) here with today’s shout outs! It is always such a pleasure to look through the galleries–so much goodness out there!!

The first page that caught my eye was “Play” by Kayleigh. I love all the brushes and word art….and the colors are so fun. It’s such a fresh, fun design!

Next, “Heron Marsh, Adirondacks” by musicmom3 is such a beautiful layout of scenery. I want to step into that gorgeous scene.

Next, “Random” by tjscraps made me stop and take it all in. That photo is so darling–love that she caught a random look on her daughter’s face. And the layout is just perfect!

Next, “Color Challenge” by OKate made me slow down and bask in the green glory. I am huge plant fan, and I love her monochromatic goodness here!

Next, “Sew Amazing” by Jheri has my favorite colors and such a brilliant design! I love the details here!!

Finally, “&Accept” by ArmyGrl is so fresh and fun….just downright delightful!

Thanks so much for reading. Please pop into the galleries and give my shout outs some love! Have a wonderful day. -Addie

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