Good day to everyone at any point of your day! Back here after a very difficult week health wise, it has been hard to keep the emotional balanced too, not just on the personal side (which I know everyone has battles) but the whole world current situation….still, I find so much solace in our industry, both on the wonderful products designers create for us to bring life memories or artful expressions or both, and the hyper talents we have in the galleries that gives me a pause and the chance to keep filling my heart with love and beauty, which brings me to the fact that I have a few more pages than usual, so I will try be as brief as my compulsive Latina allows. Here are some gems from all over, enjoy and be inspired!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make always, but even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Starting with Favorites by Kayla aka keepscrappin. I love templates, but love it even more so when the scrapper can add and transform without loosing the basic structure, something in here she most certainly does! The art of using lots of elements and different designers and kits is not an easy one, here she makes it all shine, from the photo to the last of the tiny flowers, all in the most perfect harmony!

Another one of those who impress each and every time, EllenT with Little Joys. Not only take my hat to Ellen on her wonderful ability to combine patterns, but the beauty of transforming pocket scrapping products into a gorgeous patchwork, the marvellous use of stitches and scatters, also a beautiful take on a template, once again, the whole thing is a delight!

Next is AmandaJ with Real Spring. Love big photo pages, this one is perfection with that awesome depth of field, the capture of nature in such way that makes the heart sing, even more so when the embellishing is as perfectly done as in here, letting the image be the star, and at the same time make great use of the card, gorgeous elements that enhance it and a fabulous shadows work. Gorgeous!

And another talent making templates shine is Trish with a page for a Template Challenge. I’m in love with the impact of a solid strong background with beautiful texture, the gorgeous layering, tons of tiny details that makes the whole thing a big success, the super sweet photo, everything here feels marvellous!!!

Back to big photos, another amazing creative, Susie aka Pachimac with Grampa Touches The Ocean. There is so much to admire in each and everyone of Suzie’s pages, and this one is no exception. Truly a moment to remember, a record of our family life gains even more beauty and makes the heart sing with delicate little clusters and the most amazing journaling, perfectly placed, the marvel of all in the most amazing sync. Perfection to make the heart sing!

From big photos to delicately scrapped nature with emotion, Marieke aka Romajo with You Beautiful Soul brings elegance in this wonderful creation. The photo is delightful, love when we get not just the typical blooms but those different angles of photography that make the everyday life, here scrapped with talent and the attention for detail, awesome shadows that give dimension, the soft, almost neutral colors that point to the image and adding a fabulous elegant touch with a piece of lace (or a cutout? either way fabulous) layered in between, enhancing even more the already great, subtle patterns. The choice of title couldn’t be more perfect: beautiful soul in the core of this page indeed!

Next is someone most of you are acquainted with (as she is often featured by all of us here!) , dotcomkari with Keep Moving On. For about 10 years I have seen this girl, one of those life warriors that succeed even when confronting the most difficult ones, put her soul in her pages, and she still touches our heart, in my case especially when she goes back to fuller pages – a skill not many possess – to be able to fill in without loosing elegance, make completely different textures and styles live in harmony and make the composition shine as it is here. The bits of word art, the combination of labels with word strips, the fabulous colors coming together with a background combining all of the above, everything feels to me like a hopeful, positive expression that allows us, indeed, to move on!

Another take on filling the page masterfully, is Betty Jo with Make Your Own Happy. There is SO much to say about this, beautiful, marvellously composed patchwork of images processed by her, amazing combo of products that live together harmoniously, I’m fascinated by old buildings and here so wonderfully put together with nature and text bits, brushes and masks, the addition of tiny details that make the whole thing grow every time I look back… There is one thing that stands out to me:  her crediting the images and her manipulation of them, simply sharing a few words, barely a couple of minutes of our time…but that bring the page to a higher level, so thank you for that! In my ideal world, every person should credit like this. Fabulous all over!

This one keeps my heart singing loud, is called The-Rufous, created by taxed4ever, I know there was a time in which I remembered her name, but one thing my memory (or lack of it!) has never quite fade, is that she is one of the top favourite people on my list, even if I don’t get to see her pages as often as I did many years back, my soul sings with creations off hers. The talent for minimalist, blank space wonderfully scrapped is not an easy skill, still she makes the style shine bright here. The image beautifully blended and enhanced by beautiful touches here and there, the perfect choice of background and the shadows making it all come alive like a paper page, and then there is the learning about natural life, as she explains the Rufous in her journaling but also (marvellous for people like me) in her page description.As with Betty Jo in the previous, a couple of minutes more of the time of the author helps bring the page to a much higher level to me….Anyway, in LOVE with this, all over awesomeness!!!!

Back to brilliant takes on already brilliant templates is KarenDiamond with Dady Hold My Hand. The appeal that a black and white photo has grows with the heart of the image, it has an old time feeling, and the choices to scrap it with hard clean lines, modern bits and earthy colors makes it all together fabulous. The combination of patterns, the gorgeous shadows, marvellous layering, all together gorgeousness!

Last but in no way least is AimeeH with Blossom Street. So much to say about this beauty!!! More talent in combining patterns, giving the page the feeling from the gorgeous wooden background to the tiniest of elements, all come together on making the photos (wonderfully treated) shine. Love the tilt, the sweet smile of this girl that lightens up the whole thing, the sweet, super cute flowers stand, the title work, and the incredibly beautiful way in which she uses a patterned paper to introduce even more elements…a woman after my own heart! If I am not mistaken, she is the designer responsible for the products too…love how designers who scrap bring their creations to life…this one takes a high award!!!!

This is all from me today. Hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these awesome, super talented artists. Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 25th-

    1. You know I love YOU! well deserved (if anything, I have hard work choosing one page of all yours!!!!) <3

  1. Well you made me blush with all of lovely comments about my page!! Thank you so very much for featuring my page!! (BTW my name is Trudy)

    1. OH you deserve every word!!!!!! I was trying to remember your name but, on top of being much older, my neurological issues sometimes make it impossible…. but I do know I know you, and your pages have always been magnificent!!!!!!! so glad I could feature you!!!!!!! <3

  2. Well if that just hasn’t made my WEEK. Thank you so much for featuring me! I sure do love to scrap.

    1. oh so glad you like it!!!! I sometimes wonder if people care about my talking so much, but I feel great talent deserves a full heart,and you most certainly do!!!!!! <3

  3. To be included with all these fabulous creators made my birthday celebration off to a fabulous start. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. Love you my friend. Feel better

    1. OMG!!!!! I didn’t know Trish!!! So glad I could quick start the celebration…. you deserve a feature for each and everyone of your pages…… I know I should be catching up with you properly, promise I am ho0nestly trying my best, Hope you had THE BEST celebration!!! (and that it keeps in that feel all year!!!!!) Huggzzzzz <3

    1. oh, my pleasure entirely!!!!! I only found it late, I had most of the post done, but I had to feature it… brilliant talented, you!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my page about my husband’s Grampa! I wish I would have been able to meet him, but scrapping about him makes me feel I know him better!

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