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Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. Yep! Finally, we are back here. Glad to be back for spring and the weather is unpredictable. There are times when it gets so cold and then suddenly warm. Anyway, tomorrow will be the last day to view the cherry blossoms so we will go out to experience Sakura again. I just love spring time in Japan. This is Beth, a.k.a kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous layouts.

Here are my top 6 for today.

and they lived happily ever after … by Adryane
This is just beautiful as well as the journaling. Love the story behind the photo and the page is done masterfully overall. Beautiful artsy paper and the mix of everything here is nice. The stitching seals everything as it looks like two pages connected to each other.

Tree of life by cfile
Love the page the first time I saw it. Such a freestyle design! An artsy design from top to bottom. Love everything about the page including the layering and the right amount of elements. It really deserves to be included in the standouts for today. The splats and scribbles are just pretty additions to the page.

Serendipity by amyjcaz
Such a wonderful and amazing page. Love the composition and how she arranged the layout with background papers overlapping each other. The shadows on the ribbon are superb. Love the font she used as well, I wonder what it is. The laces really set the page and create an overall amazing design.

Snapshots by EHStudios
So sweet and super adorable. Love photos like this. My kids weren’t able to pet a dog due to allergies though they were able to experience to pet a dog for an hour. Yep! We rented a dog for an hour here in Tokyo. Beautiful dollies in different colors and sizes. A nice way to show them off with the slated design. Love the flowers, brushworks, and minimal use of elements. Adorable photo and a fantastic page.

Chasing Sunshine – Anna Maria Island, Florida by grantlaurensmom
I just love pages celebrating love. Eight days of togetherness of just the two of them is amazing! Can’t wait to do this but even a day or two would be nice and will be very much appreciated. The island is so beautiful and relaxing. Gorgeous photo and page too. Love how everything is well coordinated and the color combination is so refreshing and the sticker like foliage of flowers and the arrangement is done beautifully.

Untitled by Poppy
Love the vintage feel of the page. The texture she created is just as wonderful as the page. Great blending technique and the scallops with stitches on the side. Great job on the page!

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top six for today. It would be wonderful to give them some well deserved love in the digiland/galleries.

Beth <3

3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing- March 26th

  1. Wow Beth, thank you so much for choosing my page along with these other wonderful pages! You made my day!!

  2. Thank you Beth for choosing my page I am chuffed to bits … The other pages you chose are amazing.

  3. Thank you Beth for choosing my page for a Gallery Standout! So very nice to be included with these other beautiful pages.

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