Good evening and happy Sunday.  I am forever amazed at the talent and creativity displayed by our scrapbook, art journalist, and digital artists.  Each layout is filled with memories, meaning, and messages.  We make art to commemorate BIG moments as well as little ones too.  We mark the passing of time, knowing how important each moment is.  We share our souls and shoot for the stars.

Girl Power 1 by Ann-Sofie

As March comes to a close, Women’s History month, it is fitting to pay homage to Ann-Sofie’s gorgeous hybrid full of Girl Power and beautiful women.  I looked up “earth colors” and this very palette was one of the first images.  The sage, forest greens and terra cotta are soft, yet strong – a perfect tribute to amazing women.


A Shining Star by EvelynD2

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.  Anything your heart desires, will come to you (lyrics from Leigh Harline, the movie Pinocchio).  Evelyn’s layout is beautifully constructed and makes me want to shoot for the moon!  But alas, the young lady’s smile steals the show – its prettier than all the starts in the sky.


Wither Away by Tanteva

Tanteva writes, “Quote from the song Tyna Bort by Ebba Grön.  Translation: ‘Big men who are playing with lives will soon take their final step. They will wither away.’” Oh, how I wish this were true.


This Happens by Caapmun

I am transported to another place, another time.  I can smell the ozone, the rain, and feel the dampness.  The lights dancing off the wet streets capture my attention, how the rays from the lamplights glow.  It is a lovely night.  And Carmel’s little arty cluster adds to the beautiful mood.


2008 Alex First Day of Preschool by Iowan

Ah – happy colors and happy memory. All the firsts, like the first day of pre-school; one tiny step to this little human becoming her own person.  I love the combination of art marks, paints and splatters combined with the linear, vertical cluster containing traditional ribbons and flowers, all accenting the red shirts in the photo.  This is a beautifully balanced layout.


Seasons by Meibritt

I am not sure what season I’m in these days – somewhere between winter and spring, lol!  I don’t know.  What I do know is I really, really like this whimsical piece by Meibritt highlighting seasonal favorites like flowers in spring and ice skating in winter.  This quad layout is cute, fun, whimsical and captures the essence of each season.

Thank you for joining me in this evening’s GSO adventure! I love the mood, message, and atmosphere of each piece.  What amazing artists!

I do hope you have an amazing and blessed week.


Lisa – Armygrl


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 27th

  1. What a wonderful way to end a week, thanks so very much for featuring my layout. Congratulations to all of today’s layout artists.

  2. Thank you Lisa! I have been knee deep in work the last two weeks and saw this now. Thanks for featuring my page, it really made my day <3

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