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I hope you all are enjoying the last vestiges of cool weather. I’m a Spring gal myself, so I am not looking forward to the heat of summer. I am really enjoying all the summer pages though! It’s nice to see us all get out of the house and start doing fun outside activities. As I was browsing through the galleries, I saw a pattern: travel pages! So, here are some travel pages I thought were especially awesome!!!

OKate “San Francisco Cable Car Museum” 

I really love how the photos are stacked upon each other with wonderful shadowing, but more than that, I love the way she chose different parts of the cable cars to showcase. They aren’t just a picture of the cable cars – but the signs, the numbers, the building, and extreme closeups! I also like the way she left it very clean and simple so that the photos are the star!

Mocamom “Eiffel Tower” 

Aren’t these photos fabulous?? I love how they aren’t just the normal posed photos, but more candid. The block layout is perfect to get so many pictures in it, and I love the way she blended the photos into the background, and used little elements. I also ADORE the picture of the feet!! Amazing indeed!

Cfile “HRBT”

The artsy treatment on this page is phenomenal!! I love how the entire layout is the photo and whatever treatment she did on that photo is just perfect for this grungy layout. I really like the cute little camera and her journaling in the corner so we know what is going on, but it doesn’t take away from the glorious photo!

Dady “On the Road to a New Adventure”

I just thought this page was so sweet! The first thing I saw was that adorable doggie in the basket!! I really like the way she used circles to accentuate the pair of bikers on the left, and had the biker on the right slowly melting into the background. The string wending it’s way to the title is also a wonderful technique to show movement! Lastly, I love the ghosted text on the background!

Marnel “Ma”

Marnel’s “MA” is so full of yummy texture and colors!! The photos just blend right into the background so one is not quite sure where one photo ends and the other begins. The flower piles are perfect to show the beauty feel of the photos. The letters falling off the page are wonderful, as Is the little artistic touches all over. Take some time and really look deeply into this page; you’ll find so much to ogle!!

LidiaG “May I Spy Challenge” 

And last, but certainly not least, is the “I Spy Challenge” from Lidia. I saw that VW Van and HAD to click in and see the page more clearly! It is so cute!!! I love how using the brown near the bottom and the orange seaweed makes it feel like the van is underwater, but then you see a butterfly and the lighthouse, which makes it feel NEAR the water. I love the blue textured background to mimic either the ocean or the sky! Great job!!

So there’s our travel pages for now! Please do visit the pages and give some loving to the layout artist! It will make her day. I guarantee it.

Au Revoir!

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  1. Thank you so very much Susan for choosing my page to include with these other lovelies!!.. I am honored and humbled!!! Thanks for picking my page!

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