Hello from St. Louis, Missouri!

I apologize for any misspelling or grammar errors as I spent a glorious day out in the sun at Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum.  This girl is tired…but never too tired to Finger Point!

Sweet Treats by Fruitysuet

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!  Haha! Suzanne took a walk down memory lane and created a such a fabulous layout in memory of times gone by.  While the soft-serve colors, layout and design are superb, the journaling is my favorite part!

Chasing Rainbows by KingsQueen82

This is perfection in my book…awesome page design, outstanding clusters, gorgeous photo, and my favorite color…Rainbow!  What a work of art by Cassie!

Bloom by AmieN1

Let us tip toe through the tulips!  What marvelous fields of flowers and I adore the snapshots of the little ones from different views.  I bet reliving this moment made Amie feel happy and alive!  This pocket styled layout sure makes me feel happy.

Sunshine by isDK

What a marvelous two-page spread!  I love how the mixed media element in the upper left mirrors the photograph of the yellow bird of paradise flower.  And the little sprinkles of joy blowing across the page are such a treat.  The grey background is perfect for the pinks and yellows.

Stickyweed by Corrin

I have to say, this lovely layout gave me quite the chuckle when I read the journaling.  As a person who currently has a jacket covered with sticky weeds, I lean towards “curse.” Regardless, super fan of the arty elements that remind me of watercolor paints.  Corrin made great use of horizontal flow, soft colors and white space.

Orange by AJK

I am a great admirer of introspection and creating art that has deep meaning to one’s self.  Orange by Amanda is just that.  Sometimes, when the rooster crows, she is transported back to Honduras.  The images are reflections, memories, of times gone by.  Although a still shot, what Amanda created is like a movie in my mind. It is like I can see her hearing the rooster…and being transported somewhere else.

I hope you all do not mind that I share of picture of today’s adventure.  I learned a bit of Missouri history, burial culture and enjoyed the magic of the gardens.

I hope your weekend is as blessed as mine!

Take care my fellow artists and memory keepers.

Lisa (Armygrl)




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