Hello Digi-fans!!! I hope this day finds you all well and having fun with the greatest hobby around! I have been searching the galleries to find you some gems to take a look at, and I think I’ve found a group of wonderful pages!! After I hit post, I’m off to plan our Memorial Day weekend menu.  So many people to thank for the good things in our lives. Their sacrifices are never gone unnoticed.

Let’s get to the pages!!!!

First up, we have Sylvia’s oh so artsy “Right Now”

Sylvia never fails to surprise and delight me with her artsy pages. She has the knack of finding the perfect elements to go with the perfect paint splashes! Her photo treatment is spot on, and I love the little camera cluster on the bottom right. She really knows how to use the paint and little artsy touches that make just about every one of her pages a knockout!

Next up is Digi361’s “Prom April 22”.

I was immediately drawn to the bold and colorful stamps making the “L” shape that frames and surrounds her subject! The pastel tones that she uses are perfect to complement her daughter’s bright pink dress! I think the spider web like background and the colorful patches of paint perfectly pair with her photo. Good Times, indeed!

On the other end of the color spectrum is Katy’s “Strong”

Strong indeed, is the composition of this page! I love that she left everything black and white, but had just a strip of gold to accentuate that adorable photo!! The inky stamps really make this page jump out, even though it really has little color, which is a lot of what first glances take in. It takes talent to make a black and white page really shine, and she sure did it!

This next one is the adorable “Sleep, My Baby”, by Dady

Oh, does this one touch my Mama heart. My daughter is 19 now, so the baby time is so far in the past and I miss it. The photo of Mama holding the baby’s hand just touches me. I love the way the larger photo is framed so that it looks like the layout is actually a blanket covering the baby!! The little stamp birdie is a perfect touch.

Lizr has made this fabulous tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

I was drawn in by the Queen’s fabulous yellow suit, and then I saw the ghosted young Queen in the background. What a beautiful tribute to a very strong lady! The colors of the background and the ghosted text is perfect!

Finally, we have cfile’s fabulous “Perfect Together” page!

From the vintage look of the photo, I’m assuming this might be her parent’s wedding, but I’m not sure.  Whenever and whoever it was, the photo is amazing, and I think she did a fantastic job making this feel vintage, yet is fresh and new. Her shadowing is always spot on, and I like the way the canvas becomes the photo with her spectacular skill at blending! This page is named “Perfect Together”, but I say that this entire layout is just Perfect!!

Well, that’s it for today!!! Please take the time to give these beautiful pages a second look in the galleries they came from, and take a sec to give them a shout out too. They all deserve it!!

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  1. oh my gosh Susan!!! You have made my day! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and for choosing my page. All of your comments was so very very sweet! I am so thrilled.. I can’t tell you how much!

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